REPORT Video shows HIV-positive Charlie Sheen performing oral sex on a man


According to a report released today, video exists showing Charlie Sheen smoking from a crack cocaine pipe and then performing fellatio.

Radar Online states they have viewed three clips, lasting a total of 30 seconds, which feature the former Two and A Half Men star indulging in the illegal drug and then seducing the unidentified man–followed by their sex act.

The report states that the footage “was at the center of an explosive ‘J. Roe v. John Doe’ lawsuit that alleged an “A-List celebrity” spread herpes. Sheen is said to have settled the case for millions of dollars. He believed that he had the only copies, and had those destroyed–but these “bootleg versions” still existed, according to Radar.

A source told the outlet that the videos were recorded in Nevada in 2011.

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