Charlie Sheen’s shorting Brooke Mueller on $55,000-per-month child support payment


Brooke Mueller, the ex-wife and mother of Charlie Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max, filed court papers alleging that the actor attempted to game the system in regards to his royalties from Two and a Half Men.

Mueller claims that Sheen received a guaranteed payout of $613,421 per month from his profit participation in the long-running hit CBS comedy. Instead of continuing this monthly payment, Sheen cashed it in for a lump sum of nearly $27 million back in October.

Via the court filing obtained by NYDN, Mueller argues that Sheen did this to try and “circumvent the child support orders” in place for Bob and Max. The court froze some of Sheen’s assets after Mueller claimed the actor was $88,000 in arrears for the months of March and April.

In response, Sheen filed his own papers requesting that the levy be lifted, arguing that he only earns $87,384 per month now. “It is grossly unjust to require petitioner to continue to pay child support at the current level, which is nearly 63% of his gross income,” the claim said.

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