VIDEO Is Charlie Sheen on the road to self destruction?

Knarly Knarlington

This public falling down of Charlie Sheen has been fascinating, intriguing, mind-moggling, but through it all there’s been an underlying sense of sadness for a man that on all levels appears to be lost emotionally.  The latest reports coming from TMZ are the most alarming as they are reporting that police raided his home after receiving a call that he was in possession of firearms.

The police have concluded their search and Sheen has not been placed under arrest even though a vintage rifle from the 1800’s and a few bullets were found on the premises.  Charlie’s current restraining order filed by Brooke Mueller forbids him to have firearms in his possession.  Also the report states that the LAPD are not trying to place Charlie on what’s called a 5150 psychiatric hold, which is for someone who may be capable of hurting themselves or other because of a questionable mental state or capacity.

Adding to yet another bizzarro Sheen scene, the man with tiger blood was spotted outside with friends and his lawyers enjoying some hamburgers.

Here’s the strange video from Sheenville:

During this whole wild raid Sheen tweeted:

…the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!!

All of this begs the big pink elephant question that is beginning to emerge from all of this.  Is Charlie Sheen on a fast road to self destruction.  If you were to review a book on warning signs that a friend may be contemplating suicide I would assume that Sheen at this point would qualify for every single list check point.  Obviously none of us can read his mind but at the same time it would be foolish to ignore the signs.

I for one am afraid for Charlie’s immediate future.  I hope my concerns are unwarranted and that Sheen is doing a masterful job of getting comfortable in his own skin, is participating in some healthy self expression and is possibly pulling the world’s leg.  It sure isn’t looking that way to me though.  At this time someone in Sheen’s predicament needs someone that loves them for who they are to tell them straight.  Is that person in his life right now?  I hope so.

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