Charlie Sheen threatens Ashton Kutcher after being told to “shut the f**k up!”

Charlie Sheen Ashton Kutcher

Charlie Sheen has been taking shots at Ashton Kutcher ever since he took over his role on the smash hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that aired last night, Kutcher finally said enough is enough when asked about the one-sided feud by the host. The 35-year-old said, “Can I just take a minute to make a public plea to Charlie? Dude, shut the f**k up! Enough already. It’s three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter?”

Here’s the clip cued up to the good part:

Of course this plea didn’t go unnoticed by the #Winning Warlock! Sheen took to Twitter – because of course he did – and at first seemed to give Ashton props in laying it to him straight:

That was sweet! But then the angry Charlie reared its ugly head shortly thereafter:

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