REPORT Brooke Mueller regains full custody of twin sons


Nearly a full year after Brooke Mueller lost custody of her twin sons Bob and Max, the socialite is apparently back on the straight path as a judge has awarded her full custody once again.

An “insider” told Radar:

“Brooke was recently granted full custody of Bob and Max by a child dependency judge after it was deemed that she had complied with all of the terms set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services.”

Mueller completed yet another stint in rehab for drug addiction (some counts have it as high as her 20th such visit) and according to the report she’s getting along splendidly now with Charlie Sheen and his future bride and adult film star Brett Rossi.

Another “insider” added:

“Sheen and Rossi both had the idea to invite Brooke to their wedding. They all get along and are one big happy family. It might be unconventional for most people, but not for Charlie’s wacky world! Having Brooke at the wedding will also show the twins that they all get along. Mueller is ecstatic over Charlie’s choice for a future wife. She is so happy. Brooke has repeatedly been over to Charlie’s house with their sons, Bob and Max, and she and Bret have truly hit it off. Sheen is thrilled with Brooke’s progress and has been very supportive of her sobriety and recovery in recent months. Despite their differences in the past, for right now, they are getting along.”

The source also indicated rather surprisingly that Mueller, who had videos surface of her abusing crack cocaine, will not be required to participate in random drug testing:

“Moving forward, Brooke won’t have to undergo random drug tests. DCFS will keep in contact with Brooke and check up on the boys, but there will be no unannounced visits. As far as Child Protective Services is concerned, Brooke has made a successful recovery, and is now ready to be the legal custodial parent for the boys.”

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