VIDEO Charlie Sheen didn’t tell all his sex partners about HIV status


Back in November of 2015, Charlie Sheen revealed to Matt Lauer that he had been living with HIV. At the time he told the Today show host that he had informed all of his sexual partners that he had the virus. In an interview aired this morning, the Two And a Half Men actor revealed that wasn’t exactly the truth.

Lauer: You said you had never put anyone at risk and yet a lot of women came forward and disagreed with that. You’re facing lawsuits over that. Do they have merit?

Sheen: They do not… And no one has been infected.

Lauer: Are you saying that you informed every partner that you had sex with of your HIV status? Or, did you not inform some people but used protection?

Sheen: There was two examples but protection was always in place. It was for the right reasons because everyone that I had told up to that moment had shaken me down.

While each state is different, in many cases it’s against the law if someone knowingly has HIV and has sexual intercourse without informing their partner.