REPORT Twin sons of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller may be placed in foster care


According to a new report, the custody circus involving Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and their twin sons Bob and Max could be taking a new and disheartening turn.

Radar is citing a source who is stating that the 4-year-olds could be placed under foster care by Child Protective Services after “mystery evidence” was presented that reveals major inconsistencies in Mueller’s drug treatment program. Here’s what their insider had to say:

“There is a very real possibility that Bob and Max could be placed in foster case because evidence was also uncovered regarding their temporary guardian, Scott, that is riddled with glaring differences in version of events. The department is taking this very seriously, and are considering recommending the boys be placed in foster care, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

“Charlie can’t get custody of the boys, even if he were to have round the clock nannies because of his past behavior. Brooke’s parents won’t be considered. It’s such a sad situation, but the safety and well-being of the boys comes first. Such drastic action wouldn’t be taken unless it was necessary, and sadly, it is.”

A timeline had Mueller being on track to regain custody of the boys by Christmas. Before Scott Mueller was granted temporary guardianship, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards was the designee, but she had to walk away from the responsibility after reporting difficulties with the boys after they would spend time with Mueller who turned around and accused Richards of child abuse. Currently Sheen is on one of his declaration wars against Richards over a dispute in regards to him being allowed to see the kids they share on Christmas.

What. A. Mess…

The report added that Mueller is scheduled to appear in child dependency court today for a review of this new information that’s been presented.

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