Brooke Mueller’s brother Scott Mueller has temporary custody of twins, moving in with sister

Scott Allen Mueller

News just came across the wire that Brooke Mueller’s brother, Scott Mueller, has been granted temporary custody of her and Charlie Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max. In addition, TMZ is reporting that Scott Mueller along with the boys will be moving in with Brooke at the house Charlie bought for her.

Radar is reporting that Scott has already formally notified Sheen that he’s seeking $55,000 in child support.

This breaking and surprising turn of events has many folks wondering who Scott, who’s remained out of the headlines since he spoke on a few occasions with Radar Online in 2010 mostly in support of his sister, was.

Via his personal Facebook page he’s currently listed as the CEO of UCode. This technology school was profiled in an article via LaVista. Scott said of launching the enterprise:

“I started UCode to give kids a way to truly exercise their minds. Programming has the power to change the way our kids think. By frequently breaking problems down into algorithms, analyzing patterns and calculating results, problem solving skills become a part of our vocabulary.”

UCode opened in 2012. Scott Mueller added:

“As a bonus, children and teenagers get this immensely valuable skill. A skill they can use for fun, to express themselves and to make money. There’s a direct path from UCode to software engineer, but even if that’s not the desired route, these skills are so valuable in any vocation in life.”

Brooke Mueller's brother Scott Mueller with his son Ken
Brooke Mueller’s brother Scott Mueller with his son Ken

Before UCode, Scott started the online site AppleTree. Scott still has a profile on the site although he listed his involvement with it as having ended in December of 2011. Via AppleTree there is information that directly links him to Brooke. In addition, at the time his wife was identified as Dr. Antoaneta Mueller and they have two children together, son Ken and daughter Margo.

Scott has a YouTube page in which he’s uploaded a number of videos of his son Ken, that show off the young kid’s exceptional math abilities.

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