Charlie Sheen to announce he is HIV positive in Today interview with Matt Lauer REPORT

Charlie Sheen AIDS HIV positive National Enquirer cover

Early this month it was revealed in a bit of blind item gossip that an A-List Hollywood actor is secretly battling HIV after being diagnosed two years ago. Earlier today, The National Enquirer unveiled a new cover story claiming that the A-List actor is Charlie Sheen with the bold headline, “CHARLIE SHEEN AIDS COVER UP.” The National Enquirer‘s claims appear to be backed up by an announcement by NBC moments ago that Charlie Sheen will be talking to Matt Lauer “in a live revealing interview tomorrow on Today.”

“Charlie Sheen will make a revealing personal announcement in a live in-studio interview with Matt Lauer tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17 on NBC’s TODAY,” reads the press release. “The exclusive interview will be available on after it airs.”

The National Enquirer says of its bombshell new eight-page special report: “It’s the culmination of a dogged 18-month investigation that has uncovered how television’s one-time highest paid star potentially spread the devastating virus to dozens of unsuspecting women.”

Additional claims made on the cover include:

How he hid deadly HIV virus for 4 years

He spent millions to silence the truth

Leaked emails and text messages that prove the tabloid’s claims

He’s slept with thousands of women — and men!

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together

The new issue of The National Equirer hits newsstands on Wednesday, November 18, while the Charlie Sheen interview with Matt Lauer will air during Today on Tuesday, November 17.

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