Two and a Half Men canceled after next season

The Duchess of Dull-In Sack

Somewhere, Angus T. Jones is doing a happy dance and Charlie Sheen is patting himself on the back for masterful voodoo mind control… Because CBS’ long-running Two and a Half Men will officially end next year.

CBS’ Nina Tassler announced the news during the network’s pre-upfront press breakfast in New York City today, according to Hollywood Reporter.

“Chuck Lorre is creating a season-long event. We did very well last year with announcing final season of How I Met You Mother here, too. Chuck is very psyched about this; he’s got some great ideas and very big surprises,” said the CBS executive. “We know fans and audiences respond to that and that should really give us a nice boost when we launch our new comedy.” (Unfortunately, Friends With Better Lives, the comedy that launched after HIMYM‘s series finale, has already been canceled.)

Jon Cryer, the only remaining original main character, reacted on Twitter…

Two and a Half Men‘s cancellation comes after a few years of well-publicized casting controversies — including Charlie Sheen’s rant against show runner Chuck Lorre and younger star Angus T. Jones’ admonishment of the show in general. Once the top-rated comedy on TV, the show returned series-low ratings last season.

CBS hasn’t revealed the final season episode count or end date.

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