PHOTO Charlie Sheen’s Giving Tree Apocalypse Now chest tattoo

Charlie Sheen shows off his new chest tattoo Death From Above

Apparently Charlie Sheen’s over-inflated opinion of himself also extends to his tattoos. I have to confess that after I heard his description of his latest skin art addition I was thinking to myself, “Man, that thing must be over-the-top cuh-razy!” Here’s the description from Charlie (original bad grammar intact):

The banner from the death card that Kilgore (from Apocalypse Now) is throwing on his victims, but there’s also falling from it, is the apple from The Giving Tree. There’s my life. Deal with it. Oh wait, can’t process it? Losers. Buh bye.

Charlie Sheen Apocalypse Now Giving Tree Death From Above apple tattoo

Ummmmm…. (Still dealing with it) Sorry Charlie, that there is one lame-o tat dude. I’m surprised the letters aren’t backwards because Gnarly Charlington obviously did that himself in a mirror. I feel kind of bad for all the porn stars that will have to stare at that Cracker Jackegery while having awesome, top gun love made to them.