VIDEO Jimmy Fallon presents WINNING for Men by Charlie Sheen

Jimmy Fallon commercial for Winning for Men by Charlie Sheen cologne

Ever wonder what success smells like? It smells like Charlie Sheen! (Which is a mixture of cigarette smoke, cocaine, sweat and lots of nekkid women that know what they’re doing – and what they’re doing is… Charlie Sheen!)

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is the latest to jump on board the Charlie Sheen insanitrain with this commercial for Winning for Men cologne:

The original lines are pretty good (You just can’t go wrong with “What’s my name? Carlos Estevez? ¿Come se dice ‘winning'”) but the real genius here is Fallon’s impersonation! There are moments when he has that synapseless Sheen look and the absolute perfect gravelly tonality in his voice… Wait a minute! You’re wasting you’re potential Jimmy! You could be the Adonis Tiger! Suitcases of cocaine, porn star harems, major league baseball player buddies – the WORLD!

You should at least offer to step in and take over CharChar’s role on Two and a Half Men! Should I start the Facebook page now?