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This is Life Live: Brain damaged man reconnects with the people who saved his life

Of course, tonight’s episode of This is Life Live features two tearjerking stories. One is a woman’s quest to connect with her biological family and the other is the story of James, who suffered neurological brain damage after collapsing during a run seven years ago. He’s defied medical odds to recover and now wants to […]

This is Life Live: Woman meets her birth mother

37-year-old Erin had a great childhood with great parents, but she knew all of her life that she was adopted and has always yearned to know “where she came from.” The birth of her son was the first time Erin felt a connection with a blood relative. Becoming a mother also helped Erin realize the sacrifice that her biological mom made when she placed her in adoption. Tonight on This is Live Live, Erin reconnects with her birth mom.

This is Life Live: Woman meets the young man who killed her daughter in a car accident

Sharon’s daughter Lizz was only one month way from her 21st birthday when she died in a car accident. Since then, Sharon has had trouble coping with Lizz’s death. When she saw Grey, the man who hit her daughter, in court Sharon felt that he had no remorse. She also felt extremely angry that he only achieved a $25 fine for his role in the fatal accident.

This is Life Live: Man reunites with young daughters he hasn’t seen in 10 years

One day in 2008 Gavin went to work and didn’t know it would be the last time he’d see his pregnant wife and young daughter Kierra. It’s been 10 years and Gavin has searched tirelessly to find his estranged wife and their two daughters. He’s never met his second daughter, Aila. Tonight he reunited with them live on the emotional TLC show This is Life Live.