Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas confront each other over allegations that he purchased alcohol for underage girls

A bombshell article published March 16 by Business Insider makes some serious allegations against David Dobrik-led Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, aka Durte Dom, and exposes the dark side of the highly popular and, seemingly, fun-fueled group of creators.

One of the allegations in the article is that Trisha Paytas claims Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek purchased alcohol for girls who were under the legal drinking age in the U.S. the night one of them, who goes by Hannah in the article, drank so much she blacked out and allegedly had unconsenting sex with Dom Zeglaitis.

Jeff Wittek denies that he ever purchased alcohol for the girls, but what he can’t deny is that he was there that night because there is a photo of him standing around while Hannah is being carried out of the apartment in the early hours of the morning.

In a video titled “MY TRUTH” (embedded above) Jeff attempts to discredit the claim that he was the one who bought alcohol by saying Trisha Paytas was the only one who accused him of doing so. He had had some beef with Trisha because she had a messy breakup with fellow Vlog Squad member Jason Nash, and made several videos about Jason and the group. Jeff says he sw that the fallout from Trisha’s video was sending Jason hate and losing him sponsors, which was “taking food out of Jason’s kids’ mouths” and that’s why he had a problem with her. He implies that this led Trisha to make the claim that he bought alcohol that night. “Trisha wasn’t even there when the alcohol, supposedly, arrived,” Jeff argues.

Jeff further explains his position: “I told Trisha, who I had problems with at the time ‘I apologize for discrediting everything you say because of my loyalty to a friend.’ What would you do if your friend broke up with her boyfriend and there was some problems going on between them? You would stick with your home girl, that’s it. That was my problem and that’s why I had a beef with Trisha. That’s why my name is in this article, I believe.”

Jeff is emphatic that he did not buy alcohol that night. He says that he is currently sober, and has been sober for a long time.

From the Business Insider article: “Paytas told Insider that Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek went to go buy liquor for the party after she told Nash, her boyfriend at the time, not to. Paytas said she and Nash left before Wittek got back.”

Trisha was not the only person to link Wittek with the alcohol purchase that night, however. The article’s writer Kat Tenbarge, shared an excerpt of the article on Twitter showing that the victim’s friend “Sarah” (not her real name,) recalls both Toddy Smith and Jeff Wittek going out to buy alcohol for the girls the night of the alleged assault. At Sarah’s recollection, Toddy Smith is the one who presents the bottle of alcohol to the girls.

After Jeff’s video dropped defending himself, Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas invited Jeff to discuss the situation on a special livestream of their popular “Frenemies” podcast, which is embedded below.

While on the stream Trish and Ethan questioned Jeff Wittek about whether or not he actually read the Business Insider article before he responded to it because if he had, he would not have stated that Trisha was the only one who tied his name to purchasing alcohol that night.

Jeff ultimately admitted that he had not read the article fully. He went on to apologize directly to Trisha Paytas for discrediting her based on her experience of being committed to a mental health facility. She pointed out that she was involuntarily hospitalized under California’s 5150 act because she tried to kill herself, not because she was delusional.

Jeff also explained that he once avoided her at a Starbucks and left without picking up his food because the narrative surrounding her in the Vlog Squad was so bad that he felt it was best to just avoid her. After that incident happened in 2019, Trisha blasted Jeff online for, in her opinion, being so scared of her that he chose to run out of the store without his food.

For several years now Trisha has openly addressed the fact that she “drove into” her ex-boyfriend’s house while high on meth and tried to break in. She feels traumatized by her relationship with Nash, and by her experiences with David Dobrik and the group, but she takes accountability for that situation.

Trisha confronted Jeff about an eye injury that she says occurred in Utah while shooting Vlog Squad footage that never aired. Jeff affirmed that he had an eye injury, and that he had undergone surgery because of it. He can see out of his eye, he says, but refrained from explaining what happened with his eye, and whether or not it was connected to David Dobrik.

On Twitter Trisha expressed sympathy for Jeff over his eye problems and other things that may be going on in his life right now.

Before Jeff left the live interview, he almost revealed an incident that happened with Big Nik a.k.a. Nick Keswani, who has previously spoken out about being bullied by David and the rest of the Vlog Squad, at an Easter egg hunt, but Jeff declined to continue with his story.

Jeff Wittek maintains his support for the victims of the night in question and says he has donated money to a charity that helps victims of sexual assault. He maintains that he did not purchase alcohol that night.

“What Dom did was horrible and disgusting, it makes me sick,” Jeff says. He claims, however, that before the article came out he had no idea that any sort of sexual assault had occurred.

In his “MY TRUTH” video Jeff says that he’s “made at himself” when he watches the David Dobrik vlog that was the result of that terrible night, but when Jeff appeared on “Frenemies” they watched the vlog together and he acted as if he had not watched the footage in a very long time. Watching it with Ethan and Trisha seemed to trigger memories for him. The video itself is titled “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!” and was taken down from David’s channel years ago, but others have reuploaded it to YouTube.

Trisha revealed that she, too, feels responsible for being a part of the Vlog Squad and defending him in the past, not in this situation, but in others.

“I feel guilty by association just being around David and like supporting him for so long,” Trish reveals on todays’ Frenemies episode. “Because even the stuff with Brandon, I kind of went along with it because you just want to be cool in the group for a while. And I’m guilty to some degree, not in this case, but I feel like in a lot of situations, yeah I’m like guilty by association just being with David and hyping him up, and covering for him, really.”

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