This is Life Live: Woman meets the young man who killed her daughter in a car accident

Sharon’s daughter Lizz was only one month way from her 21st birthday when she died in a car accident. Since then, Sharon has had trouble coping with Lizz’s death. When she saw Grey, the man who hit her daughter, in court Sharon felt that he had no remorse. She also felt extremely angry that he only achieved a $25 fine for his role in the fatal accident. Tonight, she comes face-to-face with Grey and his mom.

She last saw Lizz on the day after Mother’s Day. Devastatingly, instead of planning for her daughter’s college graduation, she had to plan for her death. Sharon still has not gotten a tombstone for Lizz’s grave. “I’ve accepted that she’s not here, but I’m still holding on to a piece of her,” Sharon says.

First, Sharon met with Grey’s mother, who explained that the whole family has desperately wanted to reach out to her, but their lawyers told them not to. They even have a Christmas ornament for Lizz. The night of the accident, she says, her mother-in-law wanted to do something for the family, but their attorney would have dropped them if they had reached out.

When Grey meets Sharon he’s shaking with emotion as he tells her he thinks about Lizz every day and that he wants to help Sharon.

Sharon says he doesn’t know why God allowed Grey to live, and her daughter to die. However, she feels that her daughter did not die in vain.

“This is a journey that we’re gonna go through together,” Sharon assures Gavin in an extremely touching moment.

“20 years wasn’t long enough,” she says. “But God knew what was best.” She says Lizz touched a lot of lives, including Grey’s life.

Grey says he understands if they were angry with him, but he’s grateful that they’ve chosen to open their hearts to him and forgive him. He says that he hopes they can be there for each other during difficult times.

When a caller asks Grey how it felt to have his mother support him in the aftermath of the accident, Grey says he probably would have chosen suicide if it had not been for his mother’s support.

Sharon’s mom Alberta says seeing the pain on Grey’s face has changed things for her. Sharon says that she wants Grey to forgive himself and she will be there for him to help him do that. She tells him God will be there for him and that she loves him “no matter what.” Both families then prayed together.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor