Cardi B has some words of love and advice for Selena Gomez as she receives inpatient mental health treatment

Cardi B has some sweet words of wisdom for her new friend Selena Gomez, who is currently in a treatment facility for anxiety and depression. The two fierce ladies met during their “Taki-Taki”collaboration with DJ Snake and others.

“When I met her, she was such a sweet, adorable person. She’s really what you see. She’s really a sweetheart,” Cardi told E! News. “I just want to let her know, Girl, you’re beautiful, you’re rich and hold on because even sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind. I just got to pray hard to God and get away from social media.”

Cardi’s advice to stay away from social media when you’re feeling down or stressed is something everyone can take heed of in this current digital age. Cardi also noted that even things like travel cannot help sometimes because”you could go on vacation, you could go anywhere in the world but you can’t escape your mind.”

Cardi says when she needs to recharge she’ll go to her grandmother’s house.

“Be surrounded with people that love you. Sometimes I go to my grandmother’s house and I stay there for two weeks because they uplift me. Sometimes I go upstate to my family’s house and they pray for me. We do prayers for a full two hours and I feel uplifted.”

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Selena Gomez’s recent “emotional breakdown” was triggered by having to be hospitalized for lupus flare-ups in recent weeks. The singer has been very open about both her physical and mental health struggles and how they affect each other in the past four years.

In 2014 she received similar mental health rehab treatment to the kind she’s currently receiving after she was diagnosed with lupus and her mom suffered a miscarriage. “I needed time to just be OK,” she said at the time about canceling tour dates to receive help and heal.

Selena also recently broke up with longtime on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber earlier this year. He soon moved on with Hailey Baldwin, getting engaged to her right away and marrying her last month. After news broke that Selena was in treatment, a distraught-looking Justin was seen attending church. Of course, there’s a lot of speculation, but Justin and Selena no doubt care a lot about each other and the breakup no doubt adds to the list of stressors affecting Selena’s health. The most important thing, of course, is to focus on getting better.

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