Author: Asa Hawks

SEEKING SISTER WIFE Did Dannielle and Garrick split before finding out she was pregnant?

As Starcasm previously reported, there is A LOT of evidence backing up reports that Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield gave birth to her third child some time last year. Based on information straight from TLC, it appears that a potential pregnancy may not be the only shocking turn for Dannielle and Garrick this season!

Did Dannielle Merrifield give birth to 3rd child in 2023? PHOTOS

Seeking Sister Wife couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield did an Instagram live stream after Monday night’s episode. During the stream, the camera panned around for a split second and seemed to confirm rumors than Dannielle gave birth to their third child last year.

Keep reading to see the evidence from the live stream, plus A LOT more evidence Starcasm was able to compile!

90 Day Fiancé Nicole and Mahmoud cut from HEA promos after DV arrest?

Tonight is the premiere of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 8, and it appears producers have elected to keep Nicole and Mahmoud El Sherbiny on the show despite his arrest for domestic violence last month. However, the network has not used the couple in any of their numerous promos for the new season since the arrest.

Seeking Sister Wife Naeem and Nailah sued for eviction, owed $12k in rent in December?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 star Nailah Salahuddin Davis reveals on the show show that it was her idea to try polygamy after 15 years of marriage with husband Naeem Salahuddin. “Naeem thrives with love and support,” she says. “The more that I give to him, the greater he becomes.”

It seems Naeem (and Nailah) could use some additional support, as in financial support! They have been sued numerous times since 2017 for unpaid rent, including a WHOPPING arrearage in December of last year!

Scott Wern doesn’t regret taking $19k hospital signing bonus, tells Kenneth ‘stay in your lane’

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise and The Family Chantel star Scott Wern finally addresses the fact that he took $19,000 in signing and relocation bonuses from a Florida hospital last year before ghosting them.

eScott also goes after 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Kenneth Niedermeier over his response to a video Scott posted joking about being bisexual in a “stereotypical tone.”

Which Love Is Blind Season 6 couple had the most screen time? By almost double!?

After watching all of Love Is Blind Season 6, I didn’t feel as though I knew Amy and Johnny that well. That got me curious about how much screen time they got compared to the other couples, so I actually went through and tallied the screen times for each of the couples after they left the pods and before the weddings.

This isn’t just a clickbait tease — the results were shocking! At least they were to me! Keep reading for the full break down.

Love During Lockup Is Haley Cole still with the twins’ father? Plus, her classic rock band baby names!

Love During Lockup‘s Haley Cole hinted that she might be pregnant again back in October, then she confirmed a pregnancy the following month by announcing she is expecting twins!

Keep reading for all the latest on Haley’s babies — including what sex they are, their names, and whether or not Haley is still with their dad.