THE ULTIMATUM 2 What is Roxanne’s business?

The Ultimatum Roxanne Kaiser

The Ultimatum’s Antonio Mattei is ready to get married to his girlfriend of four years, Roxanne Kaiser. However, Roxanne is reluctant to tie the know with Antonio because she is already fully committed to something else — her business.

“I love Antonio, but I had a lot of high expectations,” Roxanne says during her intro on The Ultimatum 2. “I want somebody who works really hard and is ambitious, and that’s just not Antonio. He knows I’m extremely, extremely career-focused.”

Roxanne is very happy with the way things are. “I don’t know why I’d put marriage in the middle of, just, things all going in the right direction,” she says.

Later, Roxanne is having a pool-side conversation with fellow ultimatum recipient, Alex. She reveals that she attended Georgia Tech, works in I.T., and “started a company three years ago.” Roxanne continues to mention her business often on the show, but it’s not clear exactly what her company is or does.

The Ultimatum Roxanne Kaiser business PastedNip

What is Roxanne’s company?

Roxanne Kaiser is the founder and CEO of PastedNip, which offers high quality pasties in hopes of helping women “feel confident and sexy – in whatever they have on!”

A quick visit to the company’s website reveals that they currently offer “three inclusive shades that will match all skin tones.” They feature “a semi-luminous finish to blend seamlessly into all skin tones.” More from

PastedNip pasties are made with body safe silicone. Our pasties come in light, medium, and dark with a round shape versatile enough to fit over a variety of nipple shapes and sizes. Our pasties matte finish ensures they will not shine through clothing in photographs or bright lighting. Waterproof & sweatproof, ensuring enough stickyness for up to 15x wears.

At the time of this article, a pair of PastedNip pasties are priced at $19.95. However, their pasties are available as a monthly subscription as well. One pair a month is $15.95 and two pairs a month is $24.99.

A handy PastedNip carrying case is available for $11.95.

PastedNip also offers Pasted Lift for $59.95. “Each PastedLift unit includes 1 pair of our premium lift & nipple cover pasty, 1 LiftKit, and 1 LiftKit Instruction Pack.”

Buy Pasted Nip pasties

Roxanne’s inspiration for PastedNip

Roxanne Kaiser has shared the PastedNip origin story several times online. “I have always loved pasties,” she reveals on the “Our Story” page. “Anyone who has known me since I was young, knows my love for pasties.”

In a a July, 2023 Canvas Rebel profile on Roxanne, she explains how her affinity for pasties resulted in her starting her own company:

When I was in school, Alibaba had just launched and I really had no idea what it was. One day I was on the website and ordered a pair of pasties from Alibaba. I NEVER wore bras, did not have any money, needed pasties all the time and the pasties sold on Alibaba were SO cheap. Not knowing it was a wholesale website (which is why they were so cheap… haha) I ordered a one case-pack. Not knowing what a ‘case-pack’ was, I ordered the pasties and when the pasties arrived at my door, I had about 100 pairs and decided there was nothing else to do with them but sell them.

In that moment of thinking back to when I sold pasties, I literally knew immediately that was what I was going to do. I knew I could make a customized, much higher-quality pasty that had intellectual property rights that tied into a brand that stood for women empowerment and women confidence. That night, I went to bed and the name ‘PastedNip’ literally came to mind out of nowhere – because what better name than PastedNip? Pasties are used to cover nipples. When you use our pasties, you are pasting your nips. PastedNip. 🙂

Roxanne reached out to a coworker about starting PastedNip, and she hasn’t looked back!

Roxanne’s background & business partner

The other founder of PastedNip is Audrey Shlapak, a fellow Georgia Tech grad who was a coworker of Roxanne’s at her I.T. job. Here’s a little more background on Roxanne pre-PastedNip from the Canvas Rebel profile:

At GT, I ended up graduating with a B.S. in Supply Chain/Operations with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I spent a summer in Detroit as an intern for Chrysler and although it was a GREAT experience in the automotive industry, it definitely made me realize fashion/retail is where I wanted to be.

Upon graduating, I took an amazing job in IT consulting… I actually specifically remember asking my interviewer if he could only put me on retail clients if I got the job (haha, pretty bold if you ask me). He promised he would put me in the retail section – so I accepted the job and as promised, I started my first job as a Supply Chain IT consultant for Top Retailers.

My time as a consultant was incredible. I traveled ALL over the world – I was visiting Fortune 500 Retail Headquarters – and above all else, I was learning SO much about the ins and outs of successful retail companies.

Roxanne reveals that Audrey was the first person she thought of when she came up with the PastedNip business concept. “Not only had we become best friends throughout the years after our consulting project together, but we traveled around the world just the two of us, spent months working side by side and had a real understanding of each others core-selves,” Roxanne says.

Roxanne and marriage

Roxanne and Audrey recently spoke with The Luxe List Atlanta, and they were asked about their biggest life challenges. Roxanne’s answer was definitely relevant to her relationship with Antonio and being on The Ultimatum:

I think for me, it was knowing that I have always had a deep desire to be a business owner and in turn, knowing how much sacrifice it would take to accomplish it. As women, I think some societal pressures make us feel as if we need to be on certain timelines in life (whether it be to get married, have kids or whatever that ‘next step’ in life is). The biggest challenge for me was mentally putting aside any of these pressures and just to focus on my dreams and goals to start a successful business.

And what are Roxanne’s plans for PastedNip going forward? “To keep growing and pasting titties!” Roxanne exclaims. “We are currently working on R&D to extend our product line. The goal is to introduce new bra-less alternatives into the market that our customers have been asking us for!”

We wish Roxanne and Audrey all the best! As far as whether or not Roxanne and Antonio are still together, you will have to watch The Ultimatum 2. The first eight episodes are currently streaming on Netflix. The last two episodes will drop on Wednesday, August 30.

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