LOVE DURING LOCKUP LaTisha Collier has 7 bankruptcy filings, only one was successful

LaTisha Collier from Love During Lockup filed for bankruptcy 7 times

Love During Lockup Season 3 star LaTisha Collier is the owner of a tax prep, accounting and bookkeeping business called Boss Tax & Accounting Services.

Among the services offered on the Boss Tax & Accounting Services website are bankruptcy and credit restoration — both of which LaTisha has extensive personal experience with.

LaTisha Collier bankruptcy filings

Individuals in the Unites States are typically unable to successfully file for bankruptcy less than eight years after a previous bankruptcy filing. “Boss” financial guru LaTisha didn’t let that prevent her from filing for bankruptcy seven times between 2009 and 2018!

LaTisha and her ex-husband filed jointly for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in September of 2009. Their debtees included the usual list of credit card companies, retail stores, and medical facilities.

In addition, LaTisha and her ex owed multiple cash advance and payday loan companies. There were also 25 individual entries ranging between $45 and $75 for various pizza restaurants.

The bankruptcy filing reveals LaTisha and her ex were making payments on a home mortgage, two cars, and more than $7,000 worth of jewelry and furniture.

LaTisha lists her employment as “home daycare” in the filing with a monthly income of $1,200. Her husband was “laid off” with no reported income.

In 2014, LaTisha Collier was found guilty of felony fraudulent practice in the first degree for failure “to report accurate income from her in-home daycare business as well as her [husband’s] employment income, to the Iowa Department of Human Services.” She and her husband received just over $19,000 in fraudulent food assistance and Title XIX medical assistance.

The bankruptcy case was a bit messy and drug out for more than three years. The Final Decree was issued in December of 2012 after the Trustee’s Final Account and Distribution Report provided the following summary:

Assets Abandoned (Without deducting any secured claims): $118,784.00

Assets Exempt: $3,397.00

Total Distributions to Claimants: $167.28

Claims Discharged Without Payment: $43,585.86

Total Expenses of Administration: $379.45

In August of 2012, prior to the previous bankruptcy case being closed, LaTisha faxed in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing for herself that didn’t have many of the required forms.

A clerk filed a notice bringing up the previous bankruptcy filing, and on September 19 a motion was filed by the trustee to dismiss the case because LaTisha didn’t fill out the required forms. The case is closed on October 29, 2012.

LaTisha was undeterred. She filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy again in November of 2012. This time she provided slightly more information, but still fell short of what was required. Plus, the initial bankruptcy filing with her husband from 2009 still hadn’t been closed. This case was closed in January of 2013.

LaTisha took some time off, perhaps because of her felony fraudulent practice charge. She filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on December 20, 2016. Once again, her filing was missing much of what was required.

LaTisha updated her filing the following month with some of the required forms, revealing that she was reporting $165,000 in liabilities. (If you are curious exactly what LaTisha’s debts were at the time of her individual bankruptcy filings, that information is included on one of the many forms she didn’t provide.)

This case was closed in March of 2017.

Four months passed before LaTisha took another stab, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July of 2017. The case was dismissed the following month.

In February of 2018, LaTisha filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and she entered an amount of $155,000 for “taxes and certain other debts you owe the government.” The filing didn’t have much additional information and was dismissed in June of 2018.

In August of 2018, LaTisha faxed in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition that looks to have been taken from cell phone photographs. It was dismissed the following month.

Despite LaTisha’s lack of bankruptcy filings since 2018, she has continued to have some financial issues in recent years. Her Boss Tax & Accounting Services business was recently evicted for tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent. The business also has some other financial issues, as does LaTisha herself. Stay tuned for more info on those!

Meanwhile, be sure to follow LaTisha and her inmate husband Keith Collier‘s romantic journey with new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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