UNEXPECTED Lilly Bennett’s mom Kim wedding photos and video

TLC Unexpected Lilly Bennett's mom Kim wedding photos

It’s been a VERY long-timing coming! The parents of Unexpected mom Lilly Bennett finally tied the knot over the weekend with a double wedding ceremony!

Nope, it wasn’t a double wedding with Lilly and Lawrence — their wedding happened back in March. Lilly’s parents, Kim Bennett and Glenn Verity, shared their big day with Kim’s brother, Phillip Gallanti, and his bride, Bibinur Nakhim.

Kim teased the ceremony the day before their August 5 nuptials with an Instagram gallery. Here’s her caption sharing her excitement:

Big day tomorrow! Double wedding! We are finally doing it and so happy to be be sharing this beautiful day with Phil Gallanti and Bibinur Nakhim! Can’t wait to marry my love and my best friend. So cool we will always have the same anniversary..

It’s unclear exactly how long Kim and Glenn were together before finally making it official, but it was obviously quite a while — as evidenced by the “F***ing Finally” wedding cake topper.

Lilly shared a gallery of photos from the ceremony on Instagram, and someone asked if that’s really what the cake topper said. “Yes 😂😂,” Lilly replied. “It was a very long engagement for both couples 😂.”

Here’s Lilly’s gallery:

Lilly’s husband Lawrence also shared a gallery of wedding photos on Instagram, which suggests their two-year-old son Lawrence IV and five-year-old daughter Aaliyah may have stolen the show!

Here are some more wedding photos and a video shared by Lawrence on Facebook:

Unexpected Lilly Bennett's mom Kim and stepdad Glenn's double wedding photo

TLC Unexpected Kim, Lilly and Lawrence wedding photo

TLC Unexpected Kim and Glenn wedding dance

TLC Unexpected Lilly Bennett's son Lawrence Bishop IV

TLC Unexpected Kim Bennett Glenn Verity wedding kiss

I offer my sincere congratulations to Kim and Glenn! I’ve been blogging about teen pregnancy reality shows since the very first season of 16 and Pregnant, and it doesn’t take long to figure out how important it is for a very young parent (or parents) to have support — financial, emotional, moral, etc.

Based on what we’ve seen on Unexpected, Kim and Glenn have done an amazing job of supporting Lilly — through both of her pregnancies. They’ve given her a place to live, and they’ve helped Lilly through some very tough times — often by telling her what she needed to hear, but didn’t want to hear. Lawrence too, for that matter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any TLC cameras in the background of any of the photos posted online, so it may be that viewers will not get to see Kim and Glenn’s wedding on the upcoming season of Unexpected. Of course, that could have been their choice.

Regardless… Congratulations again to Kim and Glenn!

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