60 DAYS IN Season 8 reunion preview videos EXCLUSIVE

60 Days In Season 8 Reunion

Part One of the 60 Days In Season 8 reunion special airs tonight at 9/8c on A&E and we have two preview clips to tide you over until then!

The first preview is an overview including multiple dramatic highlights of what to expect from Sheriff Paula Dance, Chief Lim Capehart, all nine participants, and host, Mona Scott-Young. The clip makes it very obvious that the four participants who couldn’t cut it at PCDC are not about to tap out at the reunion!

Some highlights from the preview:

• EVERYONE confronts Jamil over the fact that he refuses to admit he witnessed drug use by inmates in the jail, despite the 60 Days In cameras showing that he did.

• There are accusations that the PCDC corrections officers were the source of some (maybe most) of the drugs in the jail. It’s unclear if these accusations are the reason, but something REALLY sets off Chief Capehart!

• There appears to be some group animosity between those who tapped out and those who didn’t.

• Clydell calls green-haired Sara “Katy Perry.” 😂

• Jamil (who still has something on his head) seems to have a Drip flashback as he challenges 90-minute Jacob to a fist fight! (In a scene familiar to 60 Days In fans, neither Sheriff Dance nor Chief Capehart step in to break up the altercation — that is left to the other participants.)

Exclusive Preview Clip With Sara

We have one more 60 Days In Season 8 reunion special preview clip for you — an exclusive sneak peek featuring fan-favorite (and inmate-favorite) participant, Sara!

In the clip, Sheriff Dance is sincerely appreciative of what Sara was able to accomplish during her time in the Pitt County Detention Center, and also appreciative of the helpful feedback Sara was able to provide after her release.

Also, Sara shows off her “TRUST NO ONE” tattoo that she talked about getting on the show. “I was so naive on the show, I’ll admit that,” she says.

Sara later tells reunion host Mona Scott-Young that part of her motivation for getting the tattoo was because she felt betrayed by some of the inmates she befriended inside the jail.

I don’t think Sara knew at the time she got her tattoo that her cellmate Heather was using drugs during Sara’s 60 days in. I assume she will be learning that fact during the reunion.

Tune in to A&E and join us live on Twitter (or X) for Part One of the 60 Days In Season 8 reunion special airing tonight at 9/8c!

If you’re looking to catch up before the reunion, you can check out our 60 Days In Season 8 recap or you can stream 60 Days In Season 8 episodes at www.aetv.com!

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