UNEXPECTED Did McKayla Adkins divorce husband Ethan Tenney?

Did Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins divorce her husband Ethan?

It’s been rumored for more than a year that Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins has split from her husband, Ethan Tenney. In addition to McKayla deleting Ethan from her social media, the 21-year-old mother of three also sold her wedding dress on Poshmark.

(There were reports that McKayla was selling her wedding ring, but she had several wedding rings listed on Poshmark at the time, and none of them looked to match the ring Ethan got for her.)

McKayla recently did a Q&A with her Instagram followers, and there were a few questions about her marriage and relationship status with Ethan.

“Are you still married?” one follower asked.

“What do you think?” McKayla coyly replied.

The apparent split confirmation came in a follow-up question. “When did you know it was time to call it quits with your significant other?”

“It was mutual,” McKayla wrote. “You just know when the relationship can’t be recovered.”

I could find no record of a divorce filing for McKayla and Ethan in the county that she has lived in since 2021. That doesn’t mean they didn’t file in another county.

McKayla Adkins updates

In addition to her apparent split from husband Ethan Tenney, McKayla also has numerous other things going on in her life.

McKayla recently had a follow-up surgical procedure done on her nose after her 2020 nose job. She shared a selfie in which it appears that she is almost completely healed. You can still see a bit of bruising under her eye:

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins 2023 selfie  after nose job follow-up surgery

Someone asked if McKayla is wearing a hair apron in the photo. “Yes!” McKayla replied. “I’m in cosmetology school :)”

If you’re curious about where McKayla is living these days, the answer is: right down the street from her grandparents! According to property records, McKayla bought a house in Salem, Ohio near grandpa Tim’s in July of 2021.

The adorable two-story home has 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, according to the property listing. There’s a two-car detached garage and a basement as well. You can see parts of the inside of the home in photos shared by McKayla online since July of 2021.

I will point out that Ethan’s name was never on the deed for the property. McKayla gave birth to her and Ethan’s son in late April of 2022, but she previously revealed that her due date was May. Based on that, McKayla would have gotten pregnant a month or two after buying the house. I assume they were still together at that time.

If McKayla and Ethan have broken up, it’s unclear exactly when it happened. As stated above, I was unable to find a divorce filing for them in Columbiana County court records.

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