90 DAY FIANCE Amanda Wilhelm battery arrest details EXCLUSIVE

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Amanda Wilhelm arrested for battery in 2010

Razvan’s friend Diana might want to watch her back! Starcasm can exclusively reveal that 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Amanda Wilhelm was arrested for battery after an altercation with a woman that included another man… and a baseball bat?!

The incident and resulting arrest happened in Panama City Beach, Florida in 2010.

According to Amanda, she was with her husband, Jason Wilhelm, for 12 years before he passed away from cancer in early 2022. That would mean that Amanda’s arrest was right around the time she started dating Jason.

Brief Summary

• 19-year-old Amanda was arrested after she and a man named Jeremiah hopped out of a car and allegedly beat a woman named Kayla in her driveway. Jeremiah reportedly held the woman down at one point while Amanda attacked her.

• Amanda’s side of the story changed, including one version in which Kayla had a baseball bat and hit Amanda in the knee.

• Amanda claimed she just wanted to “make amends for the bad situation that existed” between her and Kayla.

• Judgment was deferred in the case and Amanda was required to do community service and take an anger management course, which it appears she never did.

90 Day Fiance Amanda Wilhelm arrest and mug shots

Amanda Wilhelm arrest details

According to the incident report, police were called to the scene of an altercation at a Panama City Beach location on August 27, 2010. Amanda was 19 years old at the time, as was the female victim named Kayla.

Kayla told police that she was in her driveway with a female friend when she observed Amanda and a man named Jeremiah drive by the house. The vehicle turned around and came back.

This is when Amanda jumped out of the car and attacked her. Kayla said her and Amanda then grappled around causing abrasions on her (Kayla’s) left knee and both elbows. Kayla said at some point Jeremiah had held her down so Amanda could continue her attack.

A juvenile male came out of Kayla’s house and attempted to stop Amanda from attacking Kayla. Jeremiah allegedly “punched him on the left side of his head knocking him down.” The juvenile male chose to not press charges against Jeremiah.

Why did Amanda attack Kayla?

Amanda and the man left the scene, but were located quickly by an assisting officer. Amanda shared her side of what happened, which actually turned out to be multiple different stories.

From the police report:

“Amanda stated that she and Jeremiah were on their way home and wanted to stop by Kayla’s and make amends for the bad situation that existed between them. Amanda further stated that she saw Kayla and Kristine walking down the road several blocks up from their house, and that Kayla had a red baseball bat in her hand.

“Amanda said she then got out of the the car trying to talk to Kayla, and that Kayla attacked her, hit her in the knee with the bat, and that she (Amanda) was forced to defend herself.

“Amanda then stated that she did not see the baseball bat at first. Amanda said she got out of the car to talk to Kayla, at Kayla’s house, and that’s when Kayla attacked her in the drive way at Kayla’s house.

“Amanda then stated that, no she saw the baseball bat but that Kayla and Kristine were at their house, out in the drive way, and that she had stopped to talk to Kayla and this is when Kayla attacked her with the bat.

“At this point I placed Amanda under arrest for battery on Kayla. I also placed Jeremiah under arrest for battery on Kayla, as he helped hold Kayla down while Amanda continued her attack.

“I also took several digital photos of Kayla’s injuries and placed then into evidence.”

Was Amanda convicted?

According to court records, a deferred judgment was entered against Amanda for the battery charge in October of 2010. As part of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Amanda was required to do 24 hours of community service and complete an anger management course within six months.

The last docket entry in Amanda’s case was a six-month update from her probation officer in April of 2011. Here’s an excerpt from the filing:

This defendant has failed to comply with the Pre-Trial Program terms and conditions in that:

• The Defendant has failed to complete Anger Management Program.

• The Defendant has failed to complete 24 hours of community service work hours.

• The Defendant has ran out of time; The Defendant case expired on 04/12/2011.

I recommend that she set for prosecution and/or sentencing.

The battery charge against Jeremiah was later dropped. However, Jeremiah has been arrested multiple times since the incident, including convictions for grand theft, drug possession, and battery.

UPDATE – In April of 2024, Amanda was asked about the arrest during an Instagram Q&A. Here is her brief account of what happened:

90 Day Fiance Amanda Wilhelm arrest response

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