LHHATL Tommie arrested in Miami on drug charge, rep responds

Tommie from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta arrested for coke possession in Miamai 2023

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Atasha Jefferson (aka Tommie) is facing legal troubles once again. According to court records, the 39-year-old reality star has been charged with drug possession in Miami-Dade County, Florida after an incident at a local club.

@theneighborhoodtalk broke the news of Tommie’s arrest on Instagram. An image titled “Tommie Lee Arrested In Miami, Hit With Drug Charges” was accompanied by a screen cap of a text message tip:

I have some news for yall guess who came into the jail last night/early this a.m. Atasha Jefferson aka Tommie

She got arrested at Victory Lounge down here in Miami, Fl Her charges are disorderly conduct/breach of peace

And drug charges

Online Miami-Dade County court records confirm Atasha Jefferson has been charged with “COKE/SELL/DEL/ATTEMT,” which looks to be a felony. It doesn’t appear as though a case has officially been filed yet, which makes sense given that Tommie was booked on the weekend.

Alexandrè Jairus Valenzuela, who is reportedly a rep for Tommie, responded to the initial Instagram post about the arrest with a detailed explanation of what allegedly happened. From @alexjairus:

To start, it’s crucial to highlight that Tommie was not involved in any drug-related activities whatsoever. Her decision to depart from the restaurant was prompted by an employee’s disrespectful behavior, which led her to avoid escalating the situation over a simple request for a fan to relieve the heat at her table. Swiftly, she collected her belongings and those of her friends, expressing frustration with the subpar customer service and the restaurant’s demand to purchase a bottle in order to secure a booth.

The involvement of the police emerged due to their familiarity with her identity. They chose to handcuff and arrest her on grounds of drug possession, despite the fact that the “drugs” were, in fact, her friend’s epilepsy medication. It’s noteworthy that the police were aware of the medication’s owner, who was also present, yet they seized upon this as an excuse for her arrest when no other valid reason was evident. It’s completely understandable that she felt infuriated by this unjust treatment, especially when she was spending her own hard-earned money.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that within the same context, a heavily intoxicated individual was making threats to cause harm at the restaurant—a concerning incident I have thoroughly documented. Nevertheless, the authorities chose to single out Tommie, diverting their attention from the genuine threat posed by the intoxicated individual and instead subjecting her to a mocking and unjust experience.

There are several Instagram posts showing Tommie out on the town Saturday night, including videos posted by @alexjairus at Victory Lounge. The clips show Victory staff holding up a marquee sign that reads “TOMMIE SH*T” along with waitresses dancing with sparklers. I am not a frequenter of clubs, but I believe this means Tommie and her crew paid for bottle service?

LHHATL Tommie at Victory Lounge in Miami before her arrest

There are also a couple clips posted by @iamdariusking showing Tommie in a very revealing outfit getting a slushie at a convenience store:

LHHATL Tommie Miami arrest slushee

LAHHATL Tommie Arrest History

The drug charge is just the latest of numerous arrests for Atasha Jefferson. The 39-year-old has been arrested at least 23 times by our count, which averages out to more than one arrest for every year she has been an adult.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Tommie arrests mug shots

Let’s take a look back at a few of Tommie’s most recent arrests…

Tommie was arrested in October of 2018 by the Smyrna (GA) Police following a violent encounter at that city’s Griffin Middle School. According to the police report, Tommie allegedly smashed a middle school girl’s head into a locker, dragged her through the halls by the girl’s hair, and slapped the girl’s face and head.

She was eventually charged with seven counts, including aggravated assault, cruelty to children, simple battery and aggravated stalking.

One day after the arrest stemming from the middle school incident, Tommie was arrested again. The new charge was aggravated stalking, and the arrest allegedly included Tommie trying to hide from a police officer who knew she was home at the time.

In March of 2019, Tommie was arrested yet again — this time for showing up to a court hearing drunk.

We will continue to monitor Tommie’s most recent court case and will share any major updates.

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