LOVE DURING LOCKUP LaTisha’s business evicted for unpaid rent

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier's business evicted

Love During Lockup star LaTisha Collier owns and runs Boss Tax and Accounting Services in Davenport, Iowa. The 36-year-old single mom presents herself as a successful entrepreneur with an expanding business empire.

Iowa court records paint a different picture.

LaTisha and her Boss T&A business were ordered to vacate and surrender their Davenport rental property after a Forcible Entry and Detainer Hearing was held on July 5, 2023. A Writ of Possession and Removal was issued by the court on July 18.

According to the court documents, LaTisha and Boss T&A signed a five-year lease on a 2,536-square-foot commercial space located in Davenport on July 1, 2021.

A tenant ledger submitted by the property’s landlord on June 23 indicated that Boss Tax and Accounting owed $38,747.05 for rent, utilities, recovery fees, and more.

The original lease granted LaTisha and her business an 11-month abatement on rent in exchange for upgrades and enhancements to the space provided by LaTisha, including new flooring and paint. Boss T&A’s rent for the first twelve months was $1,479.33 per month, and the abatement totaled $16,272.63.

According to the lease, the rent was scheduled to increase by roughly $80 per month every year. Of course, the increase doesn’t really matter if you’re not paying rent at all.

In January of 2023, LaTisha reportedly owed $21,800.41 in “delinquent rent, operating expenses, and utility fees.” The lease was renegotiated and shortened from five years to one year, concluding in December of 2023.

As part of the new lease agreement, Boss T&A’s rent ballooned to $2,624.30 a month. PLUS, the business was required to pay what they already owed with additional monthly payments of $5,000 for February, $5,000 for March, and $9,800.41 for April.

Based on the tenant ledger submitted by the landlord to the court on June 23, Boss Tax and Accounting only made a single payment in 2023, and that was for $2,780 in January.

As of July 20, the Writ of Possession and Eviction had not been returned to the court as having been served.

Meanwhile, LaTisha shared several Instagram story posts this week promoting her commercial real estate agent. It’s unclear if that means LaTisha and Boss T&A are currently shopping for a new location.

On July 18, LaTisha posted a text graphic on Instagram that reads: “Never underestimate the magic of a fresh new start.”

Given LaTisha’s extensive criminal history, combined with her business’s recent eviction, it would seem surprising if she was able to sign another commercial lease?

According to the Boss Tax and Accounting Services website, they have another location in Waterloo, Iowa. It’s unclear how long they have been at that location.

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