60 DAYS IN Season 8 Inmate updates Drip, V-12, Kayla, Candace, more

60 Days In Season 8 inmate updates

Producers of A&E’s popular jail reform reality series 60 Days In tried something new for Season 8 — they documented the inmates of the featured jail for an extended period of time before and after the show participants came and went.

The extra footage gave viewers a chance to really get to know the people who the 60 Days In program was trying to help.

As you would expect, there were a lot of tragic and heart-wrenching stories among those incarcerated — most all of which were connected to drug addiction in some way.

In addition to the difficult backgrounds many of the inmates came from, viewers also saw the bleak futures likely in store for those facing lengthy prison terms, financial hardship, addiction, and more.

However, the extended time with the inmates also allowed viewers to see how things like humor, joy, love, and hope are able to survive in the darkest of places.

In addition to the participants bringing back intel in hopes of improving jail conditions, many of them also did their best to bring some positivity into an overwhelmingly negative environment. Whether it was affirmation circles, career advice, sharing personal stories of recovery, religious guidance, or even a simple talent show, many of the volunteers were successful in making the inmates lives better in the moment, and hopefully going forward.

Due in part to the extra footage dedicated to the inmates during 60 Days In Season 8, many viewers (like myself) became very invested in the lives of many of the inmates. And even though 60 Days In continued to follow the inmates after the departure of the volunteers, it’s still unclear what happened to most of them after the cameras stopped rolling.

I’ve researched some of the many memorable inmates featured on 60 Days In Season 8 in order to provide some more current updates for fans of the show. My apologies if there was an inmate you were particularly interested in that didn’t make the list. If this article garners enough interest, I may do a follow-up with additional inmates.

60 Days In Season 8 Inmate Updates

60 Days In inmate Travis Drip updates

Drip was perhaps the most frequently featured inmate cast member of 60 Days In Season 8. He revealed on the show that he was facing a murder charge and had been incarcerated at Pitt County Detention Center for more than 2 years due to his bond being so high.

It was also revealed on the show that Drip had been offered a plea deal for 4-5 years, but he turned it down.

Drip’s bond was reduced from $2.5 million to $1 million in December of last year. However, that was still too high for Drip to afford. His attorney has filed another motion for bond reduction that is scheduled to be addressed at the next hearing on October 5.

Drip is currently still incarcerated at PCDC, where he has been since November 30, 2020.

60 Days In inmate Francisca Fran update

Francisca was Kendra’s cellmate for a while and is most memorable for repeatedly ratting out Candice for having cocaine.

Francisca was convicted of drug trafficking in May of this year and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with a “minimum term” of 7 years, 6 months. She’s currently in a North Carolina state prison with a projected release date of November 18, 2029.

60 Days In inmate Lashley V-12 update

As big as Lashley’s physical stature is, it can’t possibly measure up to how big his personality is! “V-12” essentially stole the show for the first half of the season, prior to being transferred out.

I could find no indications that Lashley is currently incarcerated or on parole.

60 Days In inmate Candace updates

Candace earned the unique distinction of sharing a cell with two different participants — Brittany and Sara. Candace was very open about her struggles with drug addiction, and that she was facing charges of involuntary manslaughter and heroin possession.

Candace is still incarcerated at Pitt County Detention Center, where she has been since December 29, 2022. Her next court date is scheduled for September 7.

60 Days In inmate Kayla update

Kayla is the female inmate who was placed in a turtle suit and rarely ever let out of her cell. She is currently still incarcerated at Pitt County Detention Center.

The 23-year-old has multiple criminal cases pending, including a felony count of malicious conduct by a prisoner from earlier this year. She also has multiple charges for assaulting a detention employee from 2022. Kayla’s other charges include multiple vehicle thefts, being in possession of stolen property, and larceny of a dog.

Seven of Kayla’s cases are scheduled for a hearing on September 7. The other two cases are scheduled for a hearing on September 13.

60 Days In inmate Joyce RiRi update

Joyce (aka RiRi) was the go-to female inmate for insightful reflection on pretty much anything and everything. She was certainly one of my favorites, and I’m happy to share some relatively good news.

Joyce was convicted of felony drug possession on October 5, 2022. It appears as though she has been released and is currently serving 24 months of probation.

60 Days In inmate Carlos update

Carlos became close with both Jamil and Orion during their time in PCDC. Carlos was very open about the fact that he had numerous previous felony convictions and he was likely facing 18 years or more in prison.

Carlos is currently incarcerated at a North Carolina state prison. He was transferred to the prison just last week and the NC DOC website does not have his sentence or a projected release date listed. I will continue to check.

UPDATE – As of September 20, 2023, the NCDOC website still lists “unaudited” under Carlos’s projected release date.

60 Days In inmate Nadeera Nikki update

Nadeera was Kendra’s cellmate who aspired to open her own hot dog business. She is not listed as currently being in custody of the Pitt County Detention Center. I can’t find any record of her being in custody or on parole/probation.

60 Days In inmate Jason New York update

Jason is the only inmate on this list who was released from PCDC and arrested again. According to jail records, Jason was booked into PCDC on July 11 for nonsupport of child and failure to register as a sex offender. He is still in custody.

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