Nathan Griffith’s alleged choking victim was his sister: He ‘tried to kill me’

Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith arrested for strangulation in 2023

Former Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas on a felony count of battery by strangulation. The alleged victim in the incident was Nathan’s older sister, Heather Griffith, and she shared some very disturbing details about Nathan and the incident in a new interview.

Heather reveals that Nathan has been staying with her and her husband, William, in Las Vegas over the past month. She says Nathan and William were in the military together and have remained close friends since.

Nathan’s stay with Heather and William was reportedly going well, but that all changed when William left earlier this week.

“My husband went out of town yesterday, and Nate had been sober at least a week, so he decided that he was going to drink immediately, as soon as my husband left,” Heather tells The Sun. “That’s when the threats and everything started.”

Heather says Nathan pointed out to her that her husband was no longer home to protect her. “He came across the kitchen and he started doing what he does to all women, he started choking me,” Heather says.

More from Heather’s horrifying recollection of the incident with her brother:

He threw me on the ground and got on top of me and told me I was going to die. That he was going to kill me.

In between sessions of him choking me, because he’s trying to make me blackout, I said ‘Nate, I’m your sister, how can you do this to me?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t care. You’re going to die.’

Finally, when he stopped choking me for like the fifth time, I put my knees to my chest as best as I could and kicked him across the room and ran out the door.

…He really tried to kill me. I literally got myself into a situation where he was not going to stop.

He told me I was gonna die. He told me it was going to kill me.

And seriously, if I wasn’t able to get him off me, I probably would be dead right now.

When police arrived, Heather says she asked if there was any way Nathan could avoid being arrested. Due to the visible injuries sustained by Heather, police said they had no choice but to arrest Nathan — whether she cooperated or not.

Heather would eventually have a change of heart in regards to leniency for her brother. She later states she will definitely be pressing charges against Nathan. “He put both his hands over my throat and literally tried to kill me and he will go to jail. I don’t care.”

Heather tells The Sun that Nathan’s issues stem in part from a propensity for binge drinking and taking steroids.

He’ll drink for like a week or two, like one to two bottles of Tito’s every single day. And then he’ll just quit- he’ll get in some kind of trouble or run out of money and then quit and then he does it all over again. And then he’s always doing steroids.

Heather insists that Nathan is “a good guy,” but that can change dramatically when he drinks. And she will no longer tolerate his reprehensible actions when he isn’t sober. “We are done until he gets real help,” Heather says.

There is A LOT more in Heather’s interview with The Sun, and I highly recommend you click over and give it a read. Nathan sounds absolutely terrifying, and given how similar the alleged choking incident was with his girlfriend Victoria in February, there is no reason to doubt anything Heather says.

Nathan is still listed as being in the custody of the Clark County Detention Center with his bail set at $5,000. He is charged with battery by strangulation, which is a class C felony. However, given the details shared by Heather, it sounds like a potential charge for attempted murder should be considered.

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