Exclusive preview! Kendra joins the 60 Days In reunion VIDEO

60 Days In Season 8 Kendra

Part 2 of the 60 Days In Season 8 reunion airs this Thursday night at 9/8c on A&E. For those viewers too impatient to wait, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek featuring one of this season’s two program-saving reinforcements, Kendra!

In the clip, Kendra is asked by reunion host Mona Scott-Young about how the PCDC corrections officers were handling drug raids at the facility.

Kendra iterates what she told Sheriff Paula Dance during her debrief, pointing out that the raids were not as effective as they could have been because the inmates were allowed time in their cells after the raids were announced and before their cells were actually searched.

Plus, the drug raids were apparently done on some sort of a schedule that the inmates were able to predict. “The inmates have nothing to do but sit around and watch you all day,” Kendra points out.

The end result is that the drug raids were very likely to be unsuccessful. “What you were going in there for is not going to be done effectively that way,” Kendra says.

Mona Scott-Young brings up Nadeera, the inmate interested in starting her own hot dog business who Kendra mentored. As viewers saw this season, Nadeera couldn’t say enough positive things about Kendra.

“How did it feel knowing that you impacted Nadeera’s life on the inside, but also helped guide her success on the outside?” Mona asks Kendra.

“She was hungry for it,” Kendra says of Nadeera. “Every day she had questions for me. I gave her homework — she came back with it, and then some. So I’m really happy for her, and I think that she has the right attitude to make it — not just the plan, but the right attitude.”

Kendra’s impact on Nadeera leads to Mona’s next question for Sheriff Dance. “So, Sheriff, as the first female African-American sheriff in the state of North Carolina, why is it important for women like Nadeera to be motivated?”

“Somebody believed in me,” Sheriff Dance replies. “I don’t believe in throwing people away, and it’s all about changing the mindset. If I tell you every day you’re a criminal, you’re gonna be the best criminal in the world. But if I tell you that you can be successful, that you can succeed, then I want you to have that same energy and believe in yourself in that, too.”


Part 2 of the 60 Days In Season 8 reunion airs Thursday, September 14 at 9/8c on A&E!

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