TEEN MOM X’Zayveon tells Kiaya he’ll sell drugs to avoid child support? VIDEO

Teen Mom Kiaya and X'Zayveon child support live stream

The father of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant mom Kiaya Elliott’s son Amour continues to make very emboldened, and very unwise, posts on social media.

21-year-old X’Zayveon, who is a convicted felon, made headlines last year after continuously posting videos and photos in which he was showing off a wide array of firearms. (He later suggested that the weapons were merely props.)

This week, X’Zayveon did an Instagram live stream in which he bragged about potentially becoming a “straight drug dealer” in order to avoid paying Kiaya child support for their son, Amour.

Based on videos of X’Zayveon’s stream, and Kiaya’s reaction stream, it appears the drama started after Kiaya went live and X’Zayveon made some comments.

The drama was about the fact that Kiaya recently texted X’Zayveon and told him that he would need to start paying between $150 to $200 a month to help out with Amour. After X’Zayveon expressed reluctance to pay, Kiaya told him that if he refused, she would be officially filing for child support.

X’Zayveon later went live (with his girlfriend and their newborn son) from a neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital to express his anger about being asked to pay child support.

Throughout his stream, X’Zayveon was adamant about the fact that he would never pay Kiaya child support, regardless of whether or not it was required by the courts. He argued that Kiaya was able to take care of their son while he was in prison, so it didn’t make sense that she was demanding money now.

X’Zayveon also had a brilliant plan to avoid paying child support — becoming a “straight drug dealer.” He argued that neither the courts nor the government can take money they don’t know you have.

Most of X’Zayveon’s live stream, as well as Kiaya’s reaction stream, were reposted by @tm_chatter on Instagram in three parts. The first two parts feature X’Zayveon and Kiaya’s videos edited together to highlight her reactions to specific things he said. The third video is just the end of X’Zayveon’s stream.

Be sure to pay close attention to X’Zayveon’s stream because Kiaya types comments throughout, and X’Zayveon’s girlfriend can be heard offering up her responses in the background.

In lieu of a full recap, these videos are better served with mostly just quotes from X’Zayveon and Kiaya.

Much like @tm_chatter, I will attempt to intersperse the quotes so that what Kiaya said is in context. I will also note whether or not Kiaya’s quotes were posted on X’Zayveon’s stream (typed) or something she said on her stream (spoken). All of X’Zayveon’s quotes are from what he stated during his stream.

[A commenter mentioned that X’Zayveon was willing to have a second child “and not even take care of the first one.”]

X’ZAYVEON: Bro, what the f*** is you talking about? “Not taking care of the first one,” bro? Kiaya take care of him, bro! From get go. From when I was locked up, bro. She made it seem like she can handle every f***ing thing, bro. So, is that my fault that a ni**a got used to how she carry sh*t? What the f***?

X’ZAYVEON: She was being both parents when I was locked up, bro. But, she wasn’t though, you feel me? Because she was with Teazha, bruh. She was just with Teazha, bro. Teazha was just helping her, bro. Now that she and Teazha ain’t together, bro, she on my top bad. For real crazy, bro.

KIAYA [typed]: Just because someone else was helping mean you not supposed to? F*** outta here.

KIAYA [typed]: All you do is play victim.

X’ZAYVEON: For her to even be like she gone put me on child support, bro, is crazy as a b*tch, bro!

KIAYA [spoken]: Man, you’re lucky I’m not even the type of baby mama that I could be! I could be one of these b*tches out here hitting you over your head for everything that you got. But I’m not, because I’ve never been that vindictive. I’ve never been that.

X’ZAYVEON: I’m trying to beat probation and sh*t and you’re trying to put me back in the system again, my ni**a! Like, what the f*** type of person is you, bro? Payments, my ni**a! Not no bills, bro. He not no cable bill, no electric bill. What the f***?

KIAYA [spoken]: Technically speaking, no, no courts will be involved as long as you make the payments. I’m so confused. Are you f***ing slow?

X’ZAYVEON: I just signed his birth certificate, bro, and now she want to be on some sh*t like this where if I don’t start helping more with my son, she gone put me on [papers] — you know what I’m sayin? It’s crazy as a b*tch, bro!

X’ZAYVEON: Y’all ni**as all on her d*ck though. Y’all not even trying to hear my side with this sh*t, bro. Like, y’all just, like, “Pay the b*tch! Pay the b*tch! Pay the b*tch!” NO! That sh*t is [inaudible], bro. That sh*t is extortion, bro.

X’ZAYVEON: I support my child. I’m not with child support, though.

KIAYA [spoken]: You’re complaining every time I ask you to do something, but you’re over there doing for other children.

X’ZAYVEON: I’m just sayin’, bro, you so much of an independent woman, why you need assistance though?

KIAYA [typed]: Either send my fundssssss or the court gonna take emmmm 🤣

KIAYA [typed]: You wanna do the 15th or the 30th?

X’ZAYVEON: B*tch, I will stop working and be straight drug dealer and you won’t get sh*t…I’ll be straight drug dealer b*tch. You ain’t gonna get sh*t. You ain’t gettin’ no taxes, no money…no nothin’. What the f*** is you talkin’ about.

KIAYA [typed]: Screen recorded 😂😂😭

KIAYA [typed]: You gon be a what?

X’ZAYVEON: Ni**a, you ain’t gettin’ sh*t from me. I’m not puttin’ sh*t in your hand, bro, and that’s on almighty [soul?] himself.

KIAYA [typed]: Hello officer I have a fel……

KIAYA [typed]: 911, what’s your emergency?

X’ZAYVEON: “Hello officer I have a…” C’mon now! You police! She police like a b*tch. Talk about, “911, what’s your emergency?” You police like a b*tch.

X’ZAYVEON: What the f*** you talkin’ about. That’s the thing about it that y’all not understanding, bro — if I don’t get no nine-to-five throughout my whole life, bro, she not gonna get sh*t. They can make the child support payments start going up, and up, and up, and even more…and the sh*t still don’t get paid! And then, when I die, the sh*t still ain’t gonna be paid. So, how you gonna get it then? That sh*t don’t make no sense, ni**a.

KIAYA [typed]: Yeah now I got receipts of you saying what you just said Pooh.

Teen Mom Kiaya Elliott Instagram live texts with ex X'Zayveon

X’ZAYVEON: If she puttin’ me on child support, bro, she’s not gonna get SH*T, bro! and I’m still gonna be gettin’ monyun, and I’m still gonna be boomin’ without payin’ that sh*t. An I’m gonna still be makin’ sure my son [cuts off]

X’ZAYVEON: You gotta have a legitimate reason to put me on child support, though. You have to be havin’ a father that’s not willing — that don’t even show up. You see what I’m doing. I show up, ni**a.

KIAYA [typed]: You show up where?

KIAYA [typed]: I’m not even asking for child support, I’m asking for help.

KIAYA [spoken]: I’m every disappointed in him — as a man, as a father, as a homie…Disappoointed. Like, ugh, ni**a, you make me sick.

KIAYA [spoken]: He got on my live and started this, so now I’m finishing it.

Based on the things X’Zayveon said during his live, combined with his criminal record and the fact that he is currently on probation, I’m thinking he should be getting out his checkbook before the courts get involved. Stay tuned!

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