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On Love During Lockup, it’s usually the incarcerated cast members who garner the most media attention due to their backgrounds. That IS NOT the case with Season 3 couple Keith Collier and Latisha Collier!

Keith Collier is currently in a federal prison serving 14 years for crack and marijuana possession with intent to distribute. However, all the buzz online is about his wife, LaTisha Collier.

As featured prominently on Love During Lockup, LaTisha runs her own business called Boss Tax and Accounting Services. On the show, it causes a bit of a stir when LaTisha proposes bringing her husband on board as a business partner.

LaTisha’s attorney informs her that it would be a bad decision to have someone convicted of conspiracy as a partner in a business that handles people’s money and taxes. LaTisha doesn’t mention to the lawyer that she is a convicted felon herself, including felony fraudulent practice and multiple felony theft convictions.

In addition to her extensive criminal history, LaTisha has a financial background that doesn’t seem ideally suited for someone running a personal finance business. 36-year-old LaTisha has filed for bankruptcy seven times, her business was evicted last month, and she is currently being sued for eviction from her lease-to-own home.

Love During Lockup viewers were shocked to find out that LaTisha has multiple felony convictions, multiple bankruptcies, and multiple evictions. She has responded to some of the Starcasm articles about her background, including her praise for the thoroughness and accuracy of our post detailing her criminal history.

LaTisha Collier interview

Given the sheer volume and variety of concerning details about LaTisha’s background, she decided to try to address all of it at once. The result was an hour-long interview with Love After Lockup guru YouTuber Mary from Kiki and Kibbitz.

Here is the full interview:

LaTisha Collier on her criminal history

Mary basically reads through the Starcasm article detailing all of LaTisha Collier’s arrests and convictions over the years, allowing LaTisha the chance to respond to each one.

In regards to all of the theft charges, LaTisha essentially says she was hard up for money at various points in her life. She says writing bad checks was the way that she knew to get money when she didn’t have any, so that’s what she did. A lot.

LaTisha was charged with felony fraudulent practice in 2013 after she and her husband misreported their incomes in order to receive more than $19,000 in government assistance. She was given a 10-year suspended prison sentence and 3 years of probation.

In the interview, LaTisha confirms she and her husband lied about their income to get the funds. She also says prosecutors were threatening to use the fact that they committed the fraud over the course of multiple years as a reason to go for a 25-year sentence.

“What the f*** you think I did? I took that god***n 10-year plea!” LaTisha says.

I couldn’t have set up the next segment any better than Mary. “2007 — and this is one you’re never going to live down — a third-degree theft of a Rug Doctor,” Mary says, referencing the charge LaTisha caught after renting a Rug Doctor from Hy-Vee and not returning it.

“I was in a roommate situation,” LaTisha explains. “I mean, it was my responsibility to return it. I was in a roommate situation and I believe I ended up leaving, and some of that stuff was still there. And so that’s what happened.”

Less than three years ago, in December of 2020, LaTisha was charged with harassment of a public official and disorderly conduct — fighting or violent behavior stemming from a large fight outside a club. The charges were later dismissed.

LaTisha reveals that the club was actually a strip club. She was walking out when she witnessed a commotion.

“I see my people I’m with into it with some other people, so I jump in that s***!” LaTisha recalls. “So this girl is, like, trying to throw bottles at my friends. So, I try to swing on that b**ch.”

LaTisha laughs before continuing:

Let me tell you, I swung on the wrong b**ch, OK? Because her big a** man came from around that car, he picked me up and slammed me on the ground like three f***ing times. My husband was so f***ing pissed. I mean, there’s nothing he could do because he’s incarcerated…I was so sore for like a month!

Unlike her other charges, LaTisha openly admits that the strip club brawl situation could happen again. “I will fight back, like, can’t nobody f*** with me because I’m gonna fight you, OK?” she says.

“Now, I’m grown. I’m about to be 37 next week. It’s not my intention to, you know, continue that, but if a b**ch comes to pop off, I’m in that s**t, OK?”

LaTisha also talks about her DUI and multiple driving without a license charges, as well as her charge from late last year for interference with official acts and false report to a public entity. You’ll have to watch the video for that!

LaTisha Collier on her multiple bankruptcies

As Starcasm was the first to report, LaTisha has filed for bankruptcy seven times, including one joint filing with her former husband. That joint filing was the only one that actually went through as all of the others were eventually dismissed due to filing errors and/or other reasons.

Amazingly, LaTisha seemingly admits in the interview that she was breaking the law by filing for multiple bankruptcies in order to get a stay.

I’ll say it now because I’m not going through it anymore, but I would file to, like, stop things from happening, you know?

I think the first one me my husband did…this is back when I was, like, 21. He had a bunch of debt or whatever and we were married. I didn’t know no better, I just did what he said.

…So now that I knew what the bankruptcies could do, like, the automatic stay — you know, keep people from f***ing with you. So whenever, you know, I was very irresponsible for a very long time, you know, I would go that route, you know, and I would try to do it myself.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I would usually just drop it, you know? And so that’s what happened.

That’s illegal to file bankruptcy with no intention to continue to file. So don’t do that people, because it’s actually very f***ing illegal. It’s called, um, I think it’s bankruptcy fraud, I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s called. Something like that. Don’t do it!

LaTisha Collier on her business eviction

As Starcasm first reported, LaTisha’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services business was evicted last month from their Davenport, Iowa office featured on the show. According to court documents, LaTisha’s business owed more than $38,000 for unpaid rent, utilities, recovery fees, and other charges.

LaTisha confirms in her interview with Mary that her business was evicted from the office shown on Love During Lockup. “I did owe them this amount of money, OK, and we moved on to another place, you know, before that [Starcasm] article.”

LaTisha doesn’t go into much detail about her business’s eviction in the Kiki and Kibbitz interview, but she does in a previous interview on The Dominick Nati Show. (Full interview included below.) In that interview, LaTisha seems to say she knew her business was eventually going to move out of the location, so she didn’t see the need to keep paying rent.

“The whole time we were fighting, so we weren’t paying for a while,” LaTisha says, adding that it was “over six months” that her business wasn’t paying rent. LaTisha confirms she owed “like thirty thousand dollars.”

LaTisha says there was some confusion over the lease terms. “Yeah, we did sign the lease. And yeah, I did know an amount, but, like I said, it was just — things are supposed to be waived and whatever, you know?”

LaTisha eventually seems to concede the dispute was her fault. “On my end, I just f***ed up.”

If LaTisha admits it was her fault, why didn’t she pay the rent amount she agreed to? “I wasn’t gonna give him that sh**t knowing I’m fixin’ to move!”

LaTisha tells Dom that Boss Tax and Accounting Services currently has a “bigger and nicer place right down the street” in Davenport.

LaTisha Collier on her home eviction

As Starcasm was the first to report, LaTisha is currently being sued for eviction by the owner of the house that she and her daughters are currently living in.

LaTisha points out that she has been sued multiple times by her current landlord, and all but one of the cases have been dismissed. “I think the one that’s going on now is still kind of pending,” LaTisha says. “I can’t elaborate much on it, but just know that things went in my favor, OK? But very soon I will be able to go into more detail.”

LaTisha claims she was unaware when she signed the paperwork that it was a lease-to-own agreement and not a purchase.

“Even though, yes, I’m an accountant and, yes, I’m supposed to read everything — but you know, this person had preyed on me, and I trusted this person, and I didn’t realize the situation I had put me and my family in until, let’s see, I think like the first time that I was late.”

LaTisha claims she was one or two days late on her rent (which I assume she thought was a mortgage payment) and she came home to find a “three-day notice” on her door.

“So I called this person. They’re, like, ‘Yeah, well, this is the contract that you signed.’ I go look at my contract he’s motherf***ing right! So I’m, like, ‘Hell no!'”

LaTisha says Iowa Legal Aid picked up her case and assisted her, and it has been resolved. Mary brings up the September hearing date mentioned in the Starcasm article. “I didn’t read the article,” LaTisha says, “but more than likely we won’t have to go back to court. We already had our settlement conference, OK? In May.”

So what would the owner of Boss Tax and Accounting Services offer as advice, given her home “buying” experience? “I’m not saying rent-to-own is 100 percent bad, just know what you’re getting yourself into and get an attorney to read your paperwork,” LaTisha advises. “Everything that glitters ain’t gold, OK?”

Mary steps in and sums it up perfectly. “Get a real estate attorney, because just because you’re an accountant, that doesn’t mean that you understand what the F*** you’re reading. Trust me.”

If you’re curious about the confusing paperwork that LaTisha signed thinking she was buying the property and not leasing it, we have some samples. Here is the single-page “LEASE/OPTION DISCLOSURE” Latisha signed:

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier Lease Option Disclosure

LaTisha also signed a four-page “LEASE AGREEMENT.” Here’s the first page:

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier lease agreement for her home in Davenport Iowa

The line where LaTisha signed on both forms had her name printed under it along with “Lessee.” Confusing stuff!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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