Jenelle Eason’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers released from jail after strangulation arrest

Jenelle Evans ex husband Courtland Rogers 20923 jail release

Courtland Rogers, the ex-husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason, has been released from jail after being arrested for assault by strangulation in September of last year.

Courtland is the second ex of Jenelle’s to be released from jail in the past week after being arrested for domestic violence involving strangulation. Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith, was released last week in Las Vegas after he was charged with battery by strangulation stemming from an altercation with his sister.

As we previously reported, Courtland was arrested on September 13, 2022. He was initially charged with assault by strangulation, a class F felony.

When Courtland’s case was officially filed with the court, he was facing additional charges of felony second degree kidnapping, felony domestic violence protective order violation: assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor interference with emergency communication, misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor assault on a female.

37-year-old Courtland Rogers was released from custody on Monday, and he was quickly back on social media. “Life is good today!!” Courtland wrote on Facebook the same day he was released.

As is often the case with Courtland, his mood changed dramatically in a very short amount of time. He returned to Facebook earlier in the AM today to share this update:

SAD AS F … Lonely. I don’t know what to do… for 7 years I have only known one love ❤️ and I feel SO LOST without that. 💔 Goodnight world 🌎 Courtland OUT ✌️

It’s assumed Courtland is talking about his estranged wife, and alleged strangulation victim, Lindsey Rogers. Courtland and Lindsey share two children, five-year-old son Camryn and three-and-a-half-year-old son Kash.

On the same day as Courtland’s arrest in September, he shared this post on Facebook:

My wife commited adultery on me recently and now she’s trying to say I tried to kill her so that I get arrested and go away for a long time ….I swear to God that I have PROOF AND ALL THE EVIDENCE I NEED TO PROVE SHES IS MAKING THIS UP… I AM SO DEPRESSED AND I NEED PRAYERS BECAUSE I DONT DESERVE THIS

Lindsey responded to our tweet about Courtland’s arrest and allegations by writing: “Framing him?? Lol I managed to get out of the front door and ran for my life 3 houses down who called 911 for me. He is a monster!”

A few hours after his Facebook post today expressing desperation and sadness, Courtland hopped over to Instagram and was back to being positive. He posted a shirtless selfie showing off his new beard and captioned it by writing: “Fresh start …New Day I GOT THIS!!!! Good morning btw.”

A commenter asked Courtland how many fresh starts he needed. “No more after this one 🙌,” Courtland responded.

It’s unclear what the result of Courtland’s charges were, but given the fact that he was released after 10 months, I assume he cut a plea deal. Courtland has a very extensive criminal record, and he was facing multiple felony charges. The plea deal must have been a sweet one because he was looking at years, not months, behind bars.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans ex Nathan Griffith mug shot photos as of 2023

Nathan Griffith released in Las Vegas

Jenelle Eason’s ex Nathan Griffith was also behind bars recently for allegedly attempting to strangle a woman — the second time Nathan has been arrested for that this year.

Nathan was arrested in Las Vegas for battery by strangulation on July 12. It was later revealed that the alleged victim this time was Nathan’s sister, Heather Griffin.

Nathan had been staying in Las Vegas with Heather and her husband, William, for a month or so prior to the incident. Nathan and William have reportedly been friends since their time in the Marines together.

“My husband went out of town yesterday, and Nate had been sober at least a week, so he decided that he was going to drink immediately, as soon as my husband left,” Heather told The Sun. “That’s when the threats and everything started.”

Click here for more terrifying details from Heather about Nathan’s alleged attack and his binge drinking.

Nathan was released on July 18. According to The Ashley, there was a no contact order put in place preventing Nathan from having any contact with his sister. Nathan is also required to wear “a location-tracing tether (aka ankle bracelet) and have a court-issued monitoring mobile phone with him at all times so the PCU can track his location.”

Nathan has a pretrial compliance unit report due today, and a preliminary hearing scheduled for August 1.

Full Nathan Griffith arrest report reveals the victim was girlfriend Victoria, not wife Mayra

Nathan Griffith’s previous strangulation arrest

In August of last year, Nathan Griffith posted on social media that he and his wife, Mayra Oyoloa, had split up. He stated that he was living in his car and that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Roughly a month later, Nathan returned to social media and revealed that he and his wife were seemingly back together. However, their reconciliation was short lived.

Nathan was booked into Palm Beach County’s Main Detention Center on Friday, February 24. He was charged with a felony count of battery — domestic battery by strangulation after an alleged altercation with his new girlfriend named Victoria.

State prosecutors eventually declined to prosecute the case. From our previous article:

According to court records, the felony charge of domestic battery by strangulation against Nathan was dropped on March 9. The only reason listed on the “No File” form was “victim uncooperative.” I assume this means the alleged victim in the case, Nathan’s girlfriend Victoria, was not willing to work with prosecutors.

It’s unclear if the case could be re-opened if the alleged victim has a change of heart about working with prosectors.

Below is a recap of the police report from the incident that resulted in Nathan’s arrest. (You can click here for the full narrative from the report.)

Nathan called his brother-in-law William, who lives in Las Vegas, and allegedly told him during a video call that he had “lost it” and choked his girlfriend Victoria. “William claimed Nathan stated he drug her up the stairs,” the affidavit reads. “Nathan then hung up the phone, and wasn’t answering. William texted Victoria if she was OK, who replied, ‘no.’”

William called Delray Police and reported the incident. Police arrived on the scene and described Nathan as “uncooperative.”

Nathan said he and Victoria had just had sex and she was fine. He also told police that William “is on drugs and is not a reliable source of information.”

Nathan had scratches on his neck and back, and when police spoke with Victoria she appeared to have recently been crying. Initially, Victoria was reluctant to say anything about the altercation, but she later stated that Nathan had been physically aggressive with her, and at some point she “blacked out.”

The officer on the scene observed “approximately inch thick bruising starting to appear on her neck (all the way around)” and “bruising under her jaw line consistent with being strangled and someone pressing their thumbs inward to add pressure.”

At one point, Victoria shouted to the officers: “I’m 100 some pounds and he’s 250 how in the hell am I supposed to get him off of me.”

The probable cause affidavit states that officers were called to the same address a couple hours earlier for a “domestic disturbance.” The filing does not include any information about the prior incident, other than the claim that “Victoria did not have any bruising around the neck area” at that time.

The affidavit does acknowledge that Nathan has a prior history of domestic violence. Under “Alcohol and Drugs Involved,” the officer checked the box for “Yes.”

Nathan was released on Saturday, the day after his arrest. There was a no contact order in place stating that Nathan could have no contact with Victoria until the case was closed, or until there was another court ruling allowing contact.

“The Defendant may return to the residence where the above-listed person(s) resides for the purpose of removing the Defendant’s PERSONAL EFFECTS ONLY,” the order read. “And then only in the presence of a uniformed law enforcement officer and on ONE occasion only.”

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