LOVE DURING LOCKUP Raneka responds to wig critics; plus spoilers and a music video

Love During Lockup Raneka wig and edges

The Love During Lockup Season 3 premiere had A LOT of wild story lines — including a sugar daddy Native American inmate, a released female felon dating an incarcerated trans man she met while they were in prison together, and an accountant telling her employees that her incarcerated husband is now their boss.

Despite all of the chat-worthy story lines, the internet’s most talked about thing from the Premiere wasn’t a story line, or even a cast member — it was a cast member’s wig!

Louisville rapper Raneka had the internet abuzz with her green-and-yellow wig and its corresponding sideburns and edges. Unfortunately for Raneka, the comments were mostly critical — albeit sometimes hilarious. Here are a few examples:

UPDATE – Here is a clip of the scene with the most green onion screen time:

Raneka was well aware of the comments and the memes, and she assured her Facebook followers that she wasn’t a big fan of the look either.

“Good afternoon,” she wrote on Sunday. “The world hates my edges 😂😂😂 I did too. My new hair stylist & stylist finna get me right…. they from the bity ‼️💯💰”

Raneka shared a screen cap of the green onion tweet in the comments of her post, which inspired these interactions:

COMMENT: Omg cuz!!! Lol. Send me the looks before you get on camera lol.

RANEKA: This is from a week of filming trust me it was slayed & all my weave cost $300 or more. F*** em lol. You know how I’m coming. It was the edges boo. I got a stylist now cuzin ❤️.

COMMENT: Keep some cute scarves or head wraps for those long film weeks. Throw that sh*t on and have a cute look!

COMMENT: They got you f***ed up!!!! Hating a** people always got something to say!!!!

RANEKA: And they sitting on the couch or in their beds watching me on tv… getting this 💰

If you’re curious what Raneka’s wig looked like prior to the lengthy filming process, we found a couple photos and a video shared by Raneka on Instagram when the green onion was fresh:

Raneka music video

The Love After Lockup shows have had quite a few rappers over the years, but Raneka is a bit unique. Not only is she a female rapper, but she’s also not the one incarcerated.

Raneka raps under the name Diva and/or Big Diva. She has a relatively recent music video out for the song “CFWM” in which Raneka can be seen sporting lingerie in the kitchen, twerking in parking lot, and twinning it up with herself in a Barbie-worthy, all-pink living room.

Love During Lockup rapper Raneka music video

Unfortunately, the song’s lyrics are 75% NSFW, so I’m unable to embed the video here. You’ll have to hop over to YouTube to check it out!

Raneka and Asonta spoilers

If you’re curious whether or not Raneka’s decision to pack up her two daughters and move to Atlanta for her incarcerated bae Asonta panned out, we may have an answer for you.

As shared in a video by Rewatch Reality, Raneka seemed to let the cat out of the bag herself a couple weeks ago. She posted the following message in her Instagram stories:

Yes I’m single but I’m not interested unless you helping me progress and that ain’t it so keep it moving….

Another indicator that Raneka and Asonta have split up is Raneka’s song “Loyal 2 U,” which was uploaded to YouTube in May. The song lyrics are all about misplaced loyalty and being betrayed. Raneka also sings about being manipulated and walking away from a toxic relationship.

Despite the apparent split from Asonta, Raneka looks to still be in Atlanta. Like her co-star LaTisha Collier, Raneka hosted a Love During Lockup Premiere party. The party was Friday night and was at a location near Atlanta.

To find out exactly what happens with Raneka and Asonta, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv! I’m assuming the green onion will be making several more appearances!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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