Love During Lockup Latisha’s business sued by Waterloo landlord

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier Boss Tax and Accounting Services in Waterloo Iowa

Love During Lockup accountant LaTisha Collier continues to have financial problems. Roughly one month after her Boss Tax and Accounting Services business was evicted from their Davenport, Iowa location, Boss T&A has been sued by the owner of the building housing their Waterloo, Iowa location.

According to court records, The Waterloo Building filed a lawsuit against LaTisha Collier on August 21. The docket entries indicate an amount of $4,243.68.

It appears as though the third-floor suite occupied by Boss Tax & Accounting Services was previously available for $800 a month gross. The Waterloo location had its grand opening in early January of this year, which means they have been in the space roughly eight months.

The docket entries for the case include several proposed exhibits by the landlord, including the lease agreement, utility bills and “bounced checks.” Starcasm readers will be well aware of LaTisha’s history of writing bad checks.

Here is a video of LaTisha with the Mayor of Waterloo at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Waterloo location of Boss T&A:

I assume LaTisha will be doing more interviews and will have an explanation for the most recent lawsuit. She appeared on The Dominick Nati show earlier this month and talked about her business being evicted in Davenport. Here’s our brief recap of what LaTisha had to say from our previous article:

LaTisha seems to say she knew her business was eventually going to move out of the location, so she didn’t see the need to keep paying rent.

“The whole time we were fighting, so we weren’t paying for a while,” LaTisha says, adding that it was “over six months” that her business wasn’t paying rent. LaTisha confirms she owed “like thirty thousand dollars.”

LaTisha says there was some confusion over the lease terms. “Yeah, we did sign the lease. And yeah, I did know an amount, but, like I said, it was just — things are supposed to be waived and whatever, you know?”

LaTisha eventually seems to concede the dispute was her fault. “On my end, I just f***ed up.”

If LaTisha admits it was her fault, why didn’t she pay the rent amount she agreed to? “I wasn’t gonna give him that sh**t knowing I’m fixin’ to move!”

UPDATE – LaTisha responds

LaTisha has responded to the Starcasm article about the Waterloo location lawsuit on our Facebook page and on her Instagram account. Here is the comment she left on our Facebook post linking to this article:

Thank you for the article Asa! I’m glad I keep you busy busy busyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m actually grateful for this article because I had never recieved this notice of any type of small claims from the OLD owner of my Waterloo office. Thank you. I’ve reached out to him to get this resolved. Until next time 🫶🏼

You are welcome!

Latisha shared a screen cap of our Facebook post and her comment in her Instagram stories and added a caption revealing that she thought it was pretty funny: “This like the 50th article Asa has wrote about me and I’ve only done 6 episodes 😂” I will fact check LaTisha’s accounting here by clarifying that there are currently 8 Starcasm articles specifically about LaTisha and her business.

In another Instagram story text-only post, Latisha wrote: “Everything is not meant to be put in a fcking article. Like finding sh!t out before I even do and posting just to get laughs.”

LaTisha then posted a series of screen capped text messages that look to be between her and the landlord for her Waterloo office. In the text exchange, she admits she didn’t know about the lawsuit and that she had to find out from a news article. “What can we do to resolve this? I don’t want a judgment,” LaTisha wrote.

“After I receive the money order I will notify the court to drop the case,” the landlord (I assume) responded. “Until then it will proceed.”

LaTisha concludes the conversation by asking that she be served with any future legal paperwork at the new Davenport location of Boss Tax and Accounting Services.

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier landlord texts

Whew! It appears the Starcasm article may have saved LaTisha from a huge headache in the form of a default judgment!

UPDATE – It seems LaTisha’s landlord never got that money order. As of September 18, the case is still open. According to court docket entries, LaTisha and Boss Tax Accounting were served on September 12 via an employee named MonTayJa. We will continue to monitor the case and provide updates.

Boss Tax and Accounting Services lawsuits

In addition to Boss Tax and Accounting Services’ eviction issues, they have also been sued by multiple other businesses in regards to money allegedly owed.

Lamar outdoor advertising filed a civil suit against Boss T&A on August 1, which I assume is for a billboard or other similar advertising. The docket entries from the case indicate an amount of $4,285.00.

Gray Media Group, which looks to own at least one television station, sued Boss Tax and Accounting Services in April of this year. That amount is listed as $5,500.00 in the dockets. A default judgment was filed in June.

A security company sued Boss Tax and Accounting Services in June of 2021 for $3,143.96. An order for judgment was entered in November of 2021.

LaTisha was sued by Consolidated Investors, LLC on multiple occasions in late 2021. The lawsuit was in regards to a lease, but it’s unclear if it was a commercial lease. There was an order for judgment filed in that case in December of 2021.

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