BELOW DECK Ashley Marti buys $1m home with OnlyFans money

Below Deck Sailing Yacht stew Ashley Marti house in Florida

Congratulations are in order for Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 stew Ashley Marti as she recently purchased her first home! The 25-year-old bought a Florida house for just under one million dollars in late June, and she says it’s “all because of OnlyFans!”

“Closing on my first home this week all because of @OnlyFans,” Ashley tweeted on June 27. “Never thought this is where I would be in just a year,” she added, along with a ☺️ emoji.

Property records confirm Ashley purchased a house located north of Miami for more than $930,000 on June 26. Records also indicate that Ashley made a down payment of well over twenty percent.

The three-bedroom, two-bath house includes a swimming pool, which Ashley has been taking full advantage of during this blistering summer.

Here are a couple examples of Ashley enjoying her pool, although it could be argued that she is somehow managing to make the blistering heat even hotter:


That feeling when you own it >>>> #fyp #viral #homeowner #investment #adulting #pool #sunset #success #independent #nightswim

♬ Heartbroken – Diplo & Jessie Murph & Polo G

Here’s a photo and a video inside Ashley’s new house:

Unfortunately, home ownership hasn’t been all watermelons and bikinis. Ashley has shared a couple issues she’s had since buying the property on social media, including marble tiles in the bathroom that tend to collect water and a pool awning that seems averse to cleaning:

Ashley Marti Florida house

Ashley Marti on OnlyFans

Ashley mentioned in her home ownership announcement tweet that she was surprised to be where she was after “just a year.” It was actually a little more than a year at the time, in terms of her participation on OnlyFans.

Ashley announced she was on the subscription platform in March of 2022. That was just a month after Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 premiered. Below Deck fans apparently enjoyed what they saw of Ashley on the show and wanted to see more. A LOT more.

Being on the show was not a good experience for Ashley, which she later blamed mostly on the editing. She opted out of participating in the Reunion, and it is assumed that part of the reason she did was because she was making a lot of money through her new endeavor.

Actually, it wasn’t so much as assumed as it was proclaimed proudly by Ashley herself:

Ashley has not revealed any specific numbers in regards to how much she is making on the site, but she does seem to have a rather large fan base. Based on several online reviews (and Ashley’s teasers on social media), she provides A LOT of creative content that leaves little to the imagination.

It should come as no surprise that Ashley would have a great deal of success on OnlyFans. In addition to being quite pleasing on the eyes (in a couple particular ways especially), Ashley had a solid resume for the gig.

Ashley was a bottle girl in Miami, and she was also a cam girl prior to her time on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. There’s no indication that she did a lot of cam girling, but she was clearly comfortable with the format before deciding to try out OF.

However, don’t think for a second that Ashley’s resume is just about being sexy for money, or that her success suggests she’s not intelligent. Ashley explained that herself with a couple tweets on March 30:

The amount of people that think you’re less intelligent because you have an #onlyfans is wild. You see the traveling and luxury but what you don’t see is the saving, investing, and setting ourselves up for early retirement.

I have a degree from a great school, graduated early for that matter. I’m just choosing to make significantly more than I would with any job in my field, make my own schedule, and not lead that miserable 9-5 life. So if having @OnlyFans makes me less intelligent, so be it.

Congratulations again to Ashley! OF isn’t for everyone, but it REALLY seems like a fantastic fit for her! At the rate she’s going, we might see a retirement announcement in just a couple years — and not just retirement from OF.

We can’t link directly to Ashley’s OnlyFans account, but you can find her under her username @eatin_ash. I just checked and she’s running a deal for $5.49 for the first 31 days!

If you want to support Ashley Marti in safer-for-work ways, you can check out her Poshmark closet or her Amazon wishlist.

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