BELOW DECK SY Are Ciara and Paget still together?

Months before the first season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht started filming crewmembers Paget Berry and Ciarra Duggan were living on the boat together preparing it for the charter season. They had been dating for four years at that point, but their relationship met a rocky patch when Paget got a crush on stew Georgia Grobbler. Did Ciara and Paget’s relationships survive this bump?

Paget and Georgia flirting

Paget was unable to hide his attraction to Georgia throughout the season, but Ciara remained mostly unphased by their flirtations. Even after the charter season ended Ciara and Paget stayed together and continued to work together. When they appeared together on the reunion special Ciara and Paget had been quarantining for a few months together in an Italian shipyard.

When Andy Cohen asked Ciara how she felt about Paget’s behavior with Georgia, she said she was “not bothered,” however she thought they could have gone about it in a more “respectful way.” She stood by the stance she had made during the season that she didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t want to be with her.

Georgia said that in her defense she flirted with everyone on the boat except for Byron, but watching it back she thinks Ciara “should have thrown me overboard a long time ago.”

The breakup

Even though Ciara and Paget stayed together after Paget’s public flirtation with Georgia, the couple ultimately couldn’t make it work.

After quarantining for a while in Italy, Ciara and Paget bought a house together in France. They started working temporary jobs, and Ciarra says she realized that she was happier alone.

“There were a lot of reasons that it kind of broke down. Being in France, we weren’t quarantining, we weren’t stuck together or anything like that,” Ciarra told Us Weekly in April, 2021 about their breakup. “We were there just kind of living life, but you know I was taking temporary jobs and I just kind of realized throughout taking those jobs that I was happier on my own for a lot of reasons.”

Are they dating anyone else new?

Paget has moved on with a new girlfriend, who he’s posted on his Instagram. He is keeping her name private but is not shy about showing her off.

They’re currently spending some time at a beach location.

Paget first announced that he had met a “certain special person” in August 2021.

Ciarra’s social media doesn’t show that she’s with anyone new right now, but she appears to still be working in the yachting industry and traveling the world.

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