BELOW DECK SY Are Gary and Daisy dating?

During Season 2 of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Gary King found himself in a love triangle with stew Alli Dore and deckhand Sydney Zaruba. Daisy Kelliher was the chief stew and stayed away from Gary. Now there are rampant rumors that Daisy and Gary (who both appear on Season 3 of the show) are dating, and Gary seemed to confirm it. Is this true?

The rumors first started when Daisy posted the above image on her Instagram on February 6 during a Disney vacation. She captioned the photo of them sitting on a rollercoaster together, “Taking the big child out for day.”

After this image, fans started speculating about a potential romance between the two, and they certainly fanned the flames. Daisy started by liking comments that asked if they were dating, but then Gary made a story where he confirmed that they were dating. “Hey guys because many of you are asking, and yes Daisy and I are dating,” he said before they both burst out laughing.

A few days later, however, Daisy revealed that they were just joking around. They’re not dating, but they did share a kiss that was featured on the Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Season 3 trailer.

“I honestly got such a kick out of how people were jumping to conclusions when we posted a photo together at Disneyland,” Daisy shared with Us Weekly. “So, our phones were blowing up. He did the joke story being, like, ‘Yeah, we’re dating.’ And no, we are just friends. We’re lucky that we are two adults who can share a kiss and still be friends.”

Daisy went on to say that their friendship was “complicated,” and it would be a “stupid move” for them to date.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht premieres Monday, February 21, 2022 at 8/7C

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