Below Deck stew Camille Lamb feuds with Captain Lee on social media

Below Deck's Captain Lee Rosbach and Camille Lamb feud on Twitter and Instagram

Below Deck Season 10 deck stew Camille Lamb is already the least favorite crew member among fans of the show, and now the 24-year-old is seemingly making things MUCH worse by getting into a social media feud with Captain Lee Rosbach!

During Monday night’s episode, Camille has an emotional breakdown after she gets called out by several of her coworkers as well as Captain Sandy. Making matters worse is the fact that her comeuppance from Captain Sandy happened over the radio for the entire crew to hear.

Despite the fact that the episode did not feature Captain Lee, he still took to Twitter (as he often does) to live tweet during the episode. In regards to Camille’s aggressive immaturity, he offered up this observation:

Of all the things you’ve lost Camille, you miss your mind the most. Your behavior, from what I’m seeing is not at all what I would expect nor tolerate.

One Twitter user was curious about Captain Lee’s reaction to Camille making out with deckhand Ben Willoughby while sitting in the captain’s chair as Captain Sandy had dinner with the charter guests.

“How do you feel about Camille macking on Ben in your Captain’s chair?” @sarah_koel tweeted in a reply to Captain Lee. (The tweet also tagged Captain Sandy.)

“Wasn’t my Captains chair at the time,” Captain Lee responded. “And we both know how I would have felt and dealt with it when I found out.”

Captain Sandy kept her distance with an all-emoji response of “👀👀👀.”

Below Deck stew Camille Lamb_making out in the captain's chair

Captain Lee’s tweets were shared by @belowdecksailing on Instagram, and the Instagram post eventually caught the attention of Camille.

She responded with an Instagram story post of her own that included screen caps of Captain Lee’s tweets along with her response:

Have you lost your mind? I’m a 24 yr old trying to figure out life u just made it that more difficult. You know. I thought the exact same thing when you joked about dragging your dick through whiskey glass infront of a crowd of people at the premiere. My exact thought was.. of all the things you’ve lost Lee, you miss your mind the most. Get real and get off twitter with that bull.

Camille made sure to tag Captain Lee in the story post, but so far he has yet to respond on Instagram or Twitter. Stay tuned!

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