BELOW DECK MED Why Hannah and Conrad broke up over 50 euros

Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson’s boatmance on Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean got serious quickly and fizzled out over 50 euros. At one point Hannah was so lovesick over Conrad that she couldn’t get out of bed and missed a day’s work during a charter and Conrad found himself so distracted during work that Captain Sandy noticed. What happened with Hannah and Conrad and do they still talk?

Conrad and Hannah have a bit of an age gap, which caused issues. Conrad was also given the role of bosun at age 23, which caused tension between himself and João Franco. Despite that, Hannah and Conrad couldn’t stay away from each other, to the point where it affected their work. They even made plans to go to Prague together after their charter ended. Things unraveled quickly though at the end when Hannah got upset that when he told her she owed him 50 euros for a pack of cigarettes he had bought her.

She was enraged that he was concerned about getting paid back such a small amount of money (in her eyes) by a girlfriend, and didn’t like what that meant for longterm financial stability. In 2018 Conrad told The Decider that the issue with the 50 euros completely blindsided him and turned him off instantly.

Hannah may be coming back to the Below Deck family with the Australian spinoff Down Under. Both Hannah and Conrad are now parents and in longterm relationships.

Conrad has left the yachting industry. He moved to New York and started renovating and flipping houses for a living. Eventually he moved back to the UK and launched a fitness app. He now has a child with girlfriend Hannah Roberts. It’s unknown if the daughter is Conrad’s or Hannah’s from a previous relationship. Either way, from what he posts on social media it looks like Conrad has really stepped into the role of being a father.

Hannah has pointed out that after she marries her fiancé Josh Roberts, she will have the exact same name as Conrad’s partner.

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