BELOW DECK Is that a scar on deckhand Ben’s chest? How did he get it?

Below Deck deckhand Ben scar

Below Deck Season 10 deckhand Ben Willoughby is often seen on the show without a shirt — including when he is posing “like one of your French girls” for figure drawing charter guests.

If you’re like A LOT of viewers (or Camille Lamb), you’re probably paying close attention to Ben in these shirtless scenes. You may have noticed what appears to be a very dramatic scar down the center of his upper chest.

Ben has received lots of messages asking whether or not it is indeed a scar, and if so, how he got it. He answered that question with an Instagram story post last month.

“‘The scar’ I’ve gotten countless messages about it,” Ben wrote over an image highlighting the scar in question. “For those interested, I most certainly did have open heart surgery, taken place at 3 years old for an ‘atrial septic defect’ (hole in the heart).”

It sounds as though Ben may need another similar procedure after Camille was fired! (Just joking.)

Here is Ben’s post:

Below Deck Ben Willoughby chest scar explained

We also have the answer to another chest question (chestion?) that Below Deck viewers may not realize they need to be asking: Does Ben Willoughby shave (or wax) his chest?

Ben answers that question on Instagram as well, but his answer is just photos and not words. Here’s an example of Ben with his naturally hairy chest:

I’m kind of surprised that Below Deck producers haven’t worked in some brief chest-shaving scenes as part of their between-scenes montages. Or better yet, we could get a full scene of Ben getting his chest waxed by a another crew member!

To keep up with all of the Below Deck chests, be sure to tune in for new episodes airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo!

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