BELOW DECK MED Is Kyle dating a charter guest?

There were sparks between stew Kyle Viljoen and charter guest Frank from the moment they first met and shook hands, and their flirting only intensified as the charter continued. Although dating charter guests are taboo, Kyle insinuates that he would be willing to leave the boat for Frank. Did Kyle and Frank’s relationship go any further than harmless flirtation?

“I see this tall man, beautiful smile,” Kyle says about their first meeting. “And, I’m thinking ‘Holy Hell, Lord save me.'”

Kyle and Frank immediately start flirting while the boat starts to go out to sea. Kyle goes back to get drinks for the guests, but he also worries over his hair. When he comes back out, Frank is in his swimsuit and the flirting intensifies.

“You look great,” Frank tells Kyle nervously. Kyle replies, “I saw you coming down, and I’m like ‘Wow.’ That smile is everything. Like, anything else can disappear, but the smile is golden.”

Later in interview Kyle tells the cameras that he was also impressed with the size of Frank’s aerolas. He compares their size to “earthquake holes” and says “I never knew I had a nipple fantasy until I met ‘Pancake Nipple Frank.'”

After this intense interaction, Kyle immediately told his boss Natasha and his fellow stew Natalya that he and Frank had a connection. Generally, romances between the staff and the guests on luxury yachts is prohibited, but Natasha says she’s going to allow Kyle to continue to flirt with Frank. However, she says that if things go further with Frank, Kyle could get fired.

Later, Kyle continues to flirt with Frank while shaking martinis. They both compliment each other on the whiteness of their teeth. They both get into an “I appreciate you” battle at lunch while Kyle pours Frank’s water. When Kyle leaves earshot, Frank’s fellow charter guests predict that Frank and Kyle are going to get married.

“You could argue that I’m being unprofessional,” Kyle says in interview. “And I would agree.”

Kyle is surprised and happy to find out that Frank is 37 years old because he looks much older. He says that’s the “kind of maturity that you want.”

Kyle then reveals to Frank that it’s been months since he’s had so much as a kiss or a hug. Then, he reveals that he is “lowkey on a break” and sits down with Frank and the other guests. He makes sure to point out that he’s sipping on Redbull and not alcohol.

The next episode reveals that after dinner, both Kyle and chief stew Natasha join the guests for a pajama party where Kyle confesses that he hasn’t been so attracted to another “in a long while.”

Natasha soon goes back to work, but Kyle stays at the party lounging on Frank. At this point, if Captain Sandy saw this or heard what Kyle said, he could lose his job. Natasha gets worried asks Kyle to step away.

Crew member Mzi saw Kyle cozying up with Frank on the couch, and tells Kyle what he saw. Kyle joked that when they get a good tip, they know who to thank.

Kyle and Natasha spending time with the guests also meant that skipped out on some of the tasks they had to get down. When Natalya woke up, she was incensed that so much had not been completed by the night crew.

Whatever happened between Kyle and Frank, they are not dating. Kyle does have a relationship, however. He’s been dating a man named Zachary since at least December 2021.

On the July 25, 2022 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Kyle announced that he is “officially in a very, very loving, supportive, charismatic, outgoing, adventurous relationship.”

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