BELOW DECK What happened between Ro and Kate?

At the start of Below Deck, Season 4, which aired in 2016, Kate Chastain revealed that she had a new female love interest: Ro Hernandez. The relationship was new at the time so Kate was head-over-heels, but unfortunately, the relationship did not last long and ended with drama and violence.

Kate met Ro at a bar in her hometown of Melborne, Florida. Before Ro, she says she had never thought about dating women, but she was the one who made the first move. “She’s a professional athlete, she wears combat boots,” she said at the time.

“Am I gay, am I not gay? I don’t know,” she said in interview. “I am in sexual limbo, and not in a fun ‘Kama Sutra page 96′ kind of way, intermediate level sexual limbo. It’s complicated.”

When chef Ben Robinson found out about Kate’s new love interest, he seemed a tiny bit jealous. Ben and Kate had hooked up between charter seasons. They’re now good friends who live in the same apartment complex in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and tape Galley Talk episodes together.

Months before the episodes aired where Kate was in puppy love and telling the whole crew about her new relationship, it had already ended in flames. In June, 2016 Kate was arrested for choking and strangling Ro.

Kate said that the charges were “fictitious,” and that the was not the aggressor in the situation. It looks like the courts sided with Kate, as the charges were eventually dropped.

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