Below Deck Chef Rachel Hargrove 2013 arrest details EXCLUSIVE

Below Deck Chef Rachel Hargrove arrest

Below Deck chef Rachel Hargrove is famous for being outspoken and fearless when it comes to authority.

Viewers will likely recall chef Rachel’s infamous outburst during Below Deck Season 8 when she was at a preference sheet meeting with Captain Lee. She proclaimed “Go f*** yourself” and “Eat my cooter” (among other things) before putting in her notice and walking off the boat. (She would return the next day to apologize and was given her job back.)

Chef Rachel’s outspokenness and lack of fear when it comes to authority is apparently nothing new. The fiery femme fatale of fine cuisine spent the night in jail in Florida in 2013 after being charged with resisting a police officer without violence!

The incident resulting in Rachel’s arrest happened in Fort Lauderdale in March of 2013. According to the police report exclusively obtained by Starcasm, Rachel was allegedly trying to access a police officer’s K9 vehicle just after 10PM on March 26.

“A witness ran over to me advising DEF [Rachel] was trying to get into my marked K9 police car (trying handles),” the officer wrote in the report. “I confronted DEF walking away from my car, who was very aggressive and belligerent.”

The officer stated that Rachel initially denied that she was trying to get into the police vehicle. “Then I asked if she was just trying to see the dog (despite clear marked warnings) and she said yes. Then she said she was banging on the windows too because I wasn’t in the car.”

Things went a wee bit off the rails from there:

She started talking about a police car coming for her as a ride, which she then said wasn’t true. She yelled for me to “f***ing leave her alone” and she’s leaving.

I told her she was not free to leave, I was conducting an investigation. I asked for her ID and she said she wasn’t giving me anything, turned and began walking away. I detained her in handcuffs.

Through speaking with her more, it was not my opinion that she had intent to commit a crime within my police car, but it was evident she was not within normal capacity, unknown if substance or mental.

Rachel was booked into the local jail and posted her $100 bond the following day. She later entered a plea of nolo contendere in May of 2013 and was fined $293 for violating the Municipal Ordinance. Perhaps inspired by what she is used to seeing from charter guests who are blessed with her cooking, Rachel provided a sizable tip by overpaying her fine by $110! A refund was later issued.

For those curious, the address of the incident looks to be the location of multiple restaurants on East Sunrise Blvd. Also, the arrest report simply lists “Yacht” for Rachel’s occupation at the time.

Below Deck Chef Rachel Hargrove

Rachel Hargrove’s Previous Legal Issues

Rachel’s 2013 arrest wasn’t her first run-in with the law. According to Florida court records, she was cited for providing alcohol to a minor in January of 2002 when she was 19 years old. She was acquitted in May of 2002.

In a more serious incident, Rachel was cited for DUI with property damage/personal injury and leaving the scene of an accident without giving information stemming from an incident in December of 2016.

It appears that Rachel worked out a plea deal and pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving in February of 2007. The plea deal must have included additional requirements in regards to making the original charges go away because the case dragged on for a couple more years.

Rachel failed to appear for court dates a couple times, including one in May of 2007 and another in December of 2009. As a result, warrants were issued and later recalled.

In April of 2010, a disposition of nolle prossed (dismissal) was officially entered and a satisfaction letter was issued in September of 2010, seemingly clearing the DUI and leaving the scene charges for good.

Based on Rachel’s social media posts over the past few months bashing Bravo and Below Deck producers, viewers will likely be seeing more of her “very aggressive and belligerent” behavior this season! Be sure to tune in for new episodes airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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