Was the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion canceled?

Below Deck Season 10 cast before and after firings

With multiple firings and even a mid-season captain swap, the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion was setting up to be a dramatic fireworks show! However, a new post by former stew Alissa Humber suggests that there will be no fireworks at all because Bravo may have canceled the Reunion.

Alissa posted a photo on her Instagram stories that appears to be an email from Below Deck producers or Bravo indicating that the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion has been canceled due to scheduling issues.

Here’s the full email, which includes the subject line, but not the identity of who allegedly sent it:

Re: WWHL Below Deck Season 10 Reunion

Hi- I’m writing to let you know that the Below Deck Reunion has now unfortunately been canceled.

We really do appreciate all of your efforts in the lead up to this, but scheduling issues have since come up that have made it impossible for us to move forward.

Please just respond to this email to confirm that you have received it.
Thanks again,

Alissa added the word “Interesting” at the bottom.

“Scheduling issues” has been a generic reasoning for Below Deck Reunion absences before, like Natasha Webb skipping out on the Below Deck Med Season 7 Reunion last year.

Given that the Reunions are recorded remotely, often times with the cast members phoning in from hotel rooms or on yachts, the “scheduling issues” reasoning doesn’t seem to hold much water. So, if the Below Deck Season 10 Reunion has been canceled, what is the real reason? It clearly isn’t the ratings, which have been very solid this season.

Chef Rachel Hargrove had a HUUUGE falling out with Bravo after the season wrapped up, and she was absolutely not going to appear. (She tweeted that she was getting her sn@tch waxed that day.) Alissa previously stated that she might not be participating either. (More on that below.)

Some have speculated that Camille Lamb might not be attending, but I find it hard to believe that she would pass on any additional screen time. The fact that she returned to the show after being fired is evidence of that!

There has been some public tension between Captain Sandy and Captain Lee (on Twitter and on a podcast), but I can’t imagine Bravo would want that to play out on the Reunion?

As far as the rest of the cast, redditor u/TechnicalPeach4 compiled a list of reasons why the Reunion would likely be disappointing. Alissa and Camille have stated they have buried the hatchet and are fine now. “Katie and Ross are also no longer together,” TechnicalPeach4 adds. “They don’t have any bad blood and Katie stated that it was just a fun boatmance.”

My guess is that Rachel’s absence combined with the potential absence of Alissa and maybe one or two other crew members resulted in the cancelation. Even if Alissa was going to appear, she has recently made statements suggesting that she believes her firing (and how it was handled) was due in part to her skin color.

We will certainly keep our eyes and ears open for a Below Deck Season 10 Reunion cancelation confirmation from Bravo or additional cast members. If the email is legit, however, I doubt Bravo or producers will say anything more than it was a due to scheduling issues.

Alissa Humbers suggests racism played part in firing

Alissa has shared a series of posts on social media suggesting that she felt the color of her skin resulted in her being treated differently than others on the boat — especially Camille.

“I want you to quit and go to another yacht where you’re appreciated,” a Below Deck fan commented on one of Alissa’s Instagram posts.

“I really should have!!!” Alissa replied. “That’s my one real regret from this season. I let myself get driven into the ground mentally instead of just leaving!!”

Alissa then offered up some words of advice to others in a similar situation. “PSA MY POC’s if your concerns/word is taken less serious, you receive less meetings/conversation and certain people get away with things you could never, RUN!!!”

Alissa shared a screen cap of the comment interaction above in her stories and added some additional commentary. “I mean that on everything. Most people have no idea that their choice to give more chances/care/concern to a certain ‘look’ is actually the subconscious rooted in preference/prejudice.”

The former Below Deck star continued in a separate Instagram story post. “That being said, I’m not coming for anyone. Just be careful my lovies and put yourselves first 💋.”

Alissa also shared a screen cap of lengthy Instagram comment by a fan calling out the differences between how Sandy treated Alissa versus some of the white crew members this season. It was on this post that Alissa hinted that she might not be attending the Reunion.

Here’s the original comment and Alissa’s reply:

COMMENT: It’s crazy that Camille could speak to Frazier, Ross and Rachel disrespectfully and not do her job plus drink expensive client alcohol but she gets fifty-eleven chances but Sandy lurks around the boat trying to find a problem with the interior crew you stick up for them and it’s immediate insubordination and you get let go smh I’m tired of ppl saying race isn’t a factor on these shows. Why did Ross have to be present for that and why did he have to walk you off the boat immediately when Camille didn’t have to deal with beung embarrassed infront of anyone and she had the luxury of gallavanting around the boat after. Hold your head up girl you were great 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 the same excuses they love to give these other ppl you deserve the same grace you’re young and were put in a toxic environment with someone who was actually insubordinate. You were never given the opportunity to reset and I’m sorry for you and all the black people in these environments who go through the same thing

ALISSA [comment reply]: I feel seen 🥲

Alissa posted a screen cap of the comment and added: “If I don’t show up for the reunion (I became extremely unhealthy mentally during and following the show) this is what I would’ve harped on.”

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