BELOW DECK spoiler! Does Camille Lamb get fired or not?

Does Below Deck stew Camille Lamb get fired after fighting with Alissa?

Below Deck stew Camille Lamb has been anything but a good fit with the crew of M/Y St. David this season. Multiple crew mates have criticized her for having a bad attitude and poor work ethic, and the tensions with fellow stew Alissa Humber continue to rise.

Will Camille be able to right the ship and finish out the charter season? Or will Captain Sandy be forced to make her walk the termination plank?


The answer to the burning question: “Will Camille Lamb be fired?” is provided by Bravo in the synopses of the upcoming episodes. In tonight’s episode, hilariously titled “The Captain and Camille,” the “drama between Camille and Alissa reaches a breaking point [and] Capt. Sandy is forced to step in.”

Here’s an Episode 8 preview clip in which Captain Sandy steps in after Camille and Alissa’s vocal sparring in front of the charter guests:

Is that the “breaking point” referenced in the description of the episode? It certainly doesn’t seem like Captain Sandy is ready to fire Camille at this point.

Here’s the rest of the synopsis:

Bollywood-dancing group of guests drink and party; Rachel’s dishes are hit or miss, and her slow timing leaves the guests hungry.

So far, the information provided is more of a teaser than a spoiler. However, that changes in the synopsis for the January 23 episode titled “Diary of a Deckie.” The Season 10 Episode 9 synopsis adds another teaser by revealing “trouble is afoot for Hayley as the physical toll of being a stew wears her down.”

But, the synopsis drops a very clear and unambiguous spoiler as well. “The crew deals with the aftermath of Camille’s firing with Ben,” it reads.

Camille does get fired! The very brief synopsis doesn’t provide any additional details, but figuring in the tease from the description for Season 10 Episode 8, I think we can assume that the already-tense co-working relationship between Camille and Alissa is going to get worse — if you can imagine that!

Will we see another loud argument between Camille and Alissa during the charter? Will there be an actual physical altercation? Or maybe Captain Sandy catches Camille and Ben being naughty nautis again in her captain’s chair? We will all have to keep tuning in to new episodes of Below Deck airing Monday nights at 8/7c to find out!

UPDATE – Camille was let go after she and Alissa were unable to resolve their issues and work together amicably. Plus, Fraser caught Camille drinking while working between charters, and that was enough to convince him to tell Captain Sandy to fire Camille. However, Camille later shared a very lengthy statement calling into question the accuracy of what viewers saw on screen.

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