Below Deck stew Fraser Olender was previously on UK reality show Made In Chelsea

Below Deck stew Fraser Olender on Made In Chelsea

If Below Deck Season 9 stew Fraser Olender seems familiar to you, that might be because he is no stranger to reality television. Fraser appeared as himself multiple times on the British reality series Made In Chelsea back in 2016.

Fraser was introduced as a gay friend of show lead Lucy Watson in the eleventh season of the show. Fraser appeared in four episodes along with his boyfriend, Tom Couch.

Grazia did recaps of the first two Made In Chelsea episodes that Fraser appeared in. Here are excerpts mentioning Fraser from those two recaps:

Made In Chelsea Season 11 Episode 7

Lucy revisits the heady days of the late nineties and produces a gay best friend called Fraser.

Made In Chelsea Season 11 Episode 8

Ollie is planning to cheer her up with a big gay night out, and Steph is so excited about being at a gay bar with gay men that you’d think she was temporarily possessed by Kenneth Halliwell and he was writing all her lines. Fraser and his boyfriend Tom turn up – only MIC could wait until the 11th series to introduce a gay couple, and have that couple look like they modelled for brochures advertising Tory fundraising balls – and she invites them on the gay night, because they’re gay, and, see, gay! They back away from her as though they wouldn’t touch her if they found her on the toilet floor at Joiners’ (God rest its soul.)

Below Deck stew Fraser Olender and boyfriend Tom Couch on Made In Chelsea
Above: Fraser and boyfriend Tom from Made In Chelsea

Fraser tells Lucy that he’s not going to be gay at the gay club with Steph, and Watson crows ‘She’d only take SELFIES with you and put them ONLINE,’ another piece for the mounting evidence pile which suggests that Lucy is really played by an 87 year old woman who is trying to showcase her knowledge of youth culture. Over dinner, Fraser and Tom are joined by Matt, who is new and out to impress with his many casual, not at all clunky references to ‘shoots’ and ‘castings’ and ‘nipple icing and torso oilings’ (we might have made the last one up). Perhaps he’s not a model. Perhaps he’s a murderer who goes around killing people and then recreates their bodies using their own skin and Plaster of Paris.

It seems that fan reactions to Fraser were a bit mixed. However, the positive and negative reviews have one consistency: Fraser was a gay male version of Lucy.

Here are some tweets about Fraser from Made In Chelsea fans at the time his episodes aired:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find ANY video clips of Fraser Olender on Made In Chelsea available to view in the United States. So, to watch him in action, you’ll just have to keep tuning in for new episodes of Below Deck airing Monday nights at 8/8c on Bravo!

Oh, and if you’re curious whether or not Fraser is the first male stew to be featured on Below Deck or Below Deck Med, the answer is no. Check out the tweet below to find out how many male stews there have been AND how many female members of the deck crew there have been!

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