Captain Lee Rosbach

VIDEO Below Deck’s Caroline Bedol calls into WWHL as Susie from Nebraska, tweets her reactions after

Just two days after former Below Deck third stew Caroline Bedol went on an EPIC 20-hour tweet-a-thon in which she called out her former boss Kate Chastain for being a “textbook psychopath with a drinking problem” and said Andy Cohen was just one of Kate’s “flying monkeys,” the 34-year-old called into Watch What Happens Live! […]

How much money do crews like the one on Bravo’s Below Deck make?

Below Deck follows the crew of a super yacht as they entertain and cater to the most elite customers around. The boat, which is actually a $10 million dollar, 154-foot, private luxury yacht, is named the “Ohana” and sails around the British Virgin Isles. But just how much money does the crew make working on the yacht, catering to the crème de la crème from around the world? Keep reading to find out!

Below Deck Season 2 preview trailer video, new cast photos and bios

Last year Bravo had a break-out reality hit with the maiden voyage of its maritime-themed reality show Below Deck, and yesterday the network announced the show will be returning for another outing on August 12 with a completely overhauled crew! Keep reading to find out who is coming back and who is not, watch the first Below Deck Season 2 preview trailer, and meet the new members of the crew!