BELOW DECK MED Who is Captain Sandy’s girlfriend Leah Shafer?

Captain Sandy Yawn has been open about dating both men and woman. She doesn’t like to put a label on her sexuality or romance, but for the past few years her life partner has been medical aestheCaptain Sandy Yawn has been open about dating both men and woman. She doesn’t like to put a label on her sexuality or romance, but for the past few years her life partner has been medical aesthetician Leah Shafter.tician Leah Shafter.

Leah Shafer is the owner of Hydralounge in Colorado, which offers Skin and IV therapies. She’s also a gospel singer, and almost had a shot at appearing on America’s Got Talent this year. She got cut, however, because the second half of the second was nixed due to COVID-19.

Captain Sandy has officially even put her stamp of approval on Leah’s skin and makeup services. “Leah is not only my love and life partner, but my personal skin care specialist,” Sandy writes in her testimonial on “I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my skin and makeup since seeing Leah. I’m a huge fan of Laser Genesis and Hydrafacials and love that Leah is my makeup artist. She is all about giving me that GLOW.”

Sandy and Leah met on Facebook after Leah sent her a nice message on Facebook about Below Deck: Mediterranean. Sandy was struck by the fact that Leah signed off with “many blessings,” which meant a lot to her because of her faith. She further felt connected to Leah when she discovered her gospel music.

“It was definitely unexpected,” Sandy told Showbiz Cheatsheet. “It just happened, when you meet another soul that you connect with at such a deep level, it is unexplainable and so beautiful.”

the two met online after Leah direct messaged her on Facebook following an episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean. The message was short and sweet, as Leah shared how much she liked the episode and sent her best wishes to the captain. Obviously, the communication didn’t end there, as Sandy looked into Leah’s background and discovered she was a gospel singer. God is very important to Sandy, so she was immediately drawn to Leah. At the time, Sandy was preparing to go on her “I Believe” tour that centered around inspiring and motivating people with lessons of leadership and empowerment. Yawn felt Shafer would be a perfect addition to the tour.

Last year Leah shared with Showbiz CheatSheet what it’s like dating Captain Sandy. She says that Sandy’s fame can sometime impede on their fun times out, she also dished that they both don’t like being harshly judged on social media, which is another price that comes with fame.

“Sandy and I are both very free spirits and neither one of us likes to be controlled or told what to do,” she laughs. “So when we are passionate about something and we post about it and are then told we aren’t able to really discuss our views. That can be frustrating. I feel like we are constantly apologizing for being ourselves.”

“I know that when we are in public to make sure to always be prepared to support my love,” Leah told the website. “I want to be her rock. It’s not easy to not have privacy yet at the same time, she loves it because she loves people. I do love when she puts her arm around me and makes sure fans know I’m her love.”

After the couple came forward about their relationship in 2019, Leah was shamed by some religious communities. Sandy tweeted that her partner was no longer welcome in some churches.

“It’s looked against it, loving the same sex,” Leah explained to Showbiz CheatSheet. “I think you can’t help who you fall in love with. God is love. He doesn’t care.”

Leah was previously married to Ross Shafer for 20 years before she decided she needed a change in her life. After that she met Sandy, and the pair have been sharing life together since at least 2019. When Sandy’s not yachting, her permanent residence is now in Denver, Colorado to be with Leah. The couple are also building a new house together in Florida.

Photo: via @leahraeshafer

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