BELOW DECK MED How bad was David Pascoe’s leg wound? Did he almost get fired?

On Episode 12 of Below Deck: Mediterranean, an inebriated David Pascoe took a nasty fall while trying to exit the hot-tub during a crew night off. It appeared that he was trying to chase after Delaney Evans who had been flirting with him in the hottub, but he’s revealed his intention was to do something so dangerous he could have lost his job. Instead, he got a really banged up thigh, an injury that really upset Captain Sandy because it wasn’t brought to her attention. How bad was his injury, and what did he do to almost get fired?

Is David’s Leg Okay?

After his massive fall, where he looked like he tried to step onto air, David had a limp for the next few days and a really large bruise. One morning he also woke up with a calf cramp, which may have also been related to his fall. He had also tried to do a difficult yoga pose with Delanay right after he hurt himself.She actually had him fully up in the air sitting on top of her feet and he fell again that same night.

When Sandy asked what was going on with him, he replied that it was just a bruise. Thankfully, even though the bruise looked severe, that was the extent of his injuries from that misstep. David has taken to social media to explain that he has had had a lot of injuries in his yachty life that were a great deal worse.

Yesterday David shared a gory pic of an head injury he sustained last year that’s far more concerning than his thigh bruise. The image is hidden behind a sensitivity filter on Instagram, and it’s advisable to think twice before clicking on it as it’s pretty graphic.

He said his leg was fine and didn’t slow down his work. Besides the leg injury, and the head injury, David says he’s lost fingers and fractured his spine before. He says his body is covered in scars from injuries he’s gotten from working, playing, and living.

What happened to David’s head?

David injured his head while riding a hydrofoil, which is an electric surfboard that raises out of the water and appears to hover about it. He was stranded far away from medical care on a boat with no access to land, and because of the pandemic, there weren’t any hospitals to treat him at the time.

Luckily, he was able to get stiched up from someone “qualified” on a beach with no anesthetic.

He says his head is now healed. “We are such fragile creatures but we aren’t made of glass,” he says in the post, adding: “I wouldn’t change the scars I carry for the experiences and lessons I’ve learned in procuring them.”

If David hadn’t have fallen, he might have been fired

In the Below Deck Med After Show, Malia said that David would have probably been fired if he followed through with what he was intending to do.

She said she heard that he was planning on climbing up on the mast. “I was like, David,” Malia said. “You’re lucky you slipped then . . . I think he probably would have been let go if I found out about that.”

Photos via Bravo

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