BELOW DECK MED Did you know Malia White is missing part of her finger?

It’s usually hard to see, but Below Deck: Mediterranean‘s Malia White is missing the tip of one of her fingers. The yachting bosun posted a photo in August that really highlighted the fact that her left index finger is missing a fingernail because the other nails were painted a dark color, but sometimes viewers spot the missing joint while watching the show.

“I lost it in an axe-ident! Seriously lol” Malia replied to a comment asking about what happened. She further explained that she’s been missing this part of her finger for pretty much all of her conscious life. She lost it when she was only four years old. She’s since got a tattoo of an axe on the finger as a symbol of what happened to it.

Malia has definitely not let a childhood injury prevent her from pursuing an active, adventurous life. She’s been a diving instructor and is currently traveling the world on a quest to become a yacht captain. This past June, she got in a pretty bad scooter accident on the island of Mallorca that left her with some “gnarly scars.”

She also had to spend the premiere night of Season 6 of Below Deck Med in a hospital bed. Thankfully, Malia’s recovery from the accident went well and she’s back to her active life.

Despite all the drama surround Lexi Wilson with Season 6 of Below Deck: Med, Malia shared on Instagram that it was her favorite season to film. There was definitely a special camaraderie within her deckhand crew of Lloyd, Mzi and David that has been unmatched in the franchise. Malia also met her current boyfriend, Jake the engineer, while filming this season. They recently came out as a couple after dating for a while behind the scenes.

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