Does Below Deck’s Captain Lee make it through Season 10? Is he replaced by Captain Sandy?

Captain Lee replaced by Captain Sandy on Below Deck Season 10

Fan favorite Captain Lee Rosbach is clearly having some health issues during the early episodes of Below Deck Season 10. After having back surgery, he was told that the issues he was having would slowly get better, but he admitted in a recent episode that they seem to be getting worse.

In numerous previews for the remainder of the season, we see Captain Lee revealing to his crew that he has made a decision, and their emotional reactions certainly seem to suggest that his decision is to leave the boat to focus on his recovery.

Below Deck Season 10 SPOILER

There have been reliable reports over the past few months stating that Captain Lee does leave M/Y St. David during the course of the charter season, and those reports seem to be confirmed by a synopsis for an upcoming episode.

“His Watch Has Ended” will air on December 19, and just in case the title alone wasn’t enough to give away Captain Lee’s fate, here’s the full synopsis:

Capt. Lee’s injury forces him to leave St. David, and the hands on deck try to put their best foot forward for the new captain; Ross and Fraser struggle with Camille’s attitude; an official promotion is given within the deck team.

Captain Sandy Replaces Captain Lee?

In what would be one of the biggest Bravo intra-franchise crossover events of all time, Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Captain Sandy Yawn will reportedly be taking over from Captain Lee as captain of M/Y St. David!

There were several reports earlier this year that Sandy and St. David chief stew Fraser Olender were working together, and then there was a photo that surfaced showing Captain Sandy aboard St. David in her captain’s attire! Here’s a reddit post with the photo — you’ll have to tap on it to reveal the spoiler.

The apparent decision to have Captain Sandy replace Captain Lee is a polarizing one for Below Deck fans. Personally, I love it! So often we get to see former crew members jump in mid-charter season and adjust to an entire crew that are familiar with each other. It will be a nice spin seeing a captain we’re familiar with deal with the same situation!

For fans of Captain Lee, there is reason to remain optimistic about Below Deck Season 10. There are multiple reports that Bravo’s Stud of the Seas will return as captain of M/Y St. David before the charter season ends. I don’t believe there has been any smoking gun confirmation evidence like a photo or video, but there are numerous reports of Captain Lee being spotted back on the boat. 🤞

What Happened With Chef Rachel and Bravo?

In case you missed it, chef Rachel Hargrove had an EPIC falling out with Bravo producers earlier this year! She shared numerous posts blasting the network on social media, and she even pulled out of BravoCon 2022.

From what we saw on social media, the spark for Rachel’s inferno was the network requesting that she watch what she says after she posted some negative things about some fellow Bravolebrities. From Reality Blurb:

On July 26, Chef Rachel Hargrove posted a controversial tweet about Austen Kroll, calling him “the most narcissistic t**t on Bravo.” The Below Deck star then revealed a text exchange with Austen, who allegedly didn’t like that Rachel didn’t party.

She also called the Southern Charm castmate an “idiot,” and she claimed he and Shep Rose once went through her bag while attending the NBCUniversal upfronts.

Despite what started Rachel’s online bashing of Bravo and show producers, it seemed from her comments that her issues went back to her experience filming the show. Could it be that the addition of Captain Sandy resulted in conflict between the very outspoken chef and her new boss? Keep tuning in to new episodes of Below Deck airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo to find out!

Captain Lee Health Updates

Captain Lee has always been great about interacting with fans (and detractors) on Twitter, and that has continued this season. As you might imagine, he is often asked about his health, and he has shared numerous replies over the pas couple months.

As I would recommend anyone else do, I will let Captain Lee speak for himself. Here are some examples of his replies to questions about how he’s doing:

I highly recommend everyone head over to Twitter and send Captain Lee some love and get well wishes! It would make him happier than a Below Deck stew in a twerking contest!

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